Seed Stage Slaughter

The End of IPO and The Startup Cash Crunch

Mike Maples of Floodgate

At the Bloomberg Empowered Entrepreneur conference, talk of seed stage slaughter was in the air.

“A lot of seed stage startups are going to die,” said Jeff Clavier. “An enormous amount were funded over the last two years, and the money is not there now to support them in the next round.”

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The Real TechStars of New York

TechStars, Episode 2: ‘Hide Your Developers, Hide Your Designers’ OnSwipe’s Hiring Errrybody In Here


Last week on the premiere of TechStars, the startups got the good news about their golden ticket into the inaugural New York class (more selective than Hahvard, didja hear?). Last night, the reality show’s second episode (you can watch the whole thing here) focused on Lesson One: Humility–as in, it just might behoove you to get some. Fast. One startup picks up $1 million in funding. One startup goes to Hollywood to meet their idol. And we learn that you don’t have to know a whole lot about gaming to throw around the words “gaming mechanics.” Here’s what you missed! Read More

One Two Wall Street's Coming For You

Are Hedge Funds the ‘Antichrist’ of Start-Up Investing?


While investment banks jockey to become the lead underwriter for the next hot new tech IPO and broker-dealers dip into the secondary market for Facebook stock, another Wall Street contingent has been barreling its way into the tech sector.

According to the Wall Street Journal, hedge funds with a hunger for tech stocks and seeking higher returns are increasingly investing in private start-ups. If you ask some venture capitalists, this is A NO GOOD VERY BAD THING.

Jeff Clavier, founder of SoftTech VC, a small, but influential Palo Alto firm told the Journal:

“Hedgies investing in start-ups directly is scary. They are the antichrist of patient, supportive early-stage investing.” Read More