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Amazon Is Asking the FAA to Bend the Law for Their Drone Program

Can't wait to hear these buzzing above.(Screengrab: YouTube)

When Jeff Bezos first announced his evil plan to start a drone delivery program for all the precious goods you order from Amazon, everyone was pretty sure it was either a publicity stunt, an April Fool’s joke or evidence that the billionaire had gone off his rocker.

But now, it appears Mr. Bezos and his ilk might actually be serious about getting the drone delivery program up and running. They’re at least serious enough to be taking time out of their busy schedule of possible-sex-toy-construction to ask the Federal Aviation Administration to bend the rules so that they can test drones on their own terms. Read More

Leave it to Bezos

Do Not Make Jeff Bezos Mad Because He Will Probably Make You Cry

No sleep on Sunday. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Betabeat has long harbored a not-so-secret suspicion that Jeff Bezos might actually be Lex Luthor. Well, fire up your word processor and get ready to write some crossover fanfic, because a new profile in Bloomberg Businessweek, excerpted from a coming book by writer Brad Stone, essentially confirms at least one major overlap: Jeff Bezos loves pitching a good fit at his henchmen.

Apparently some of his employees call his angry fits “nutters.” Take this anecdote of his response to a poorly planned-out update: “He called me a ‘complete f-‍-‍-‍-‍-‍- idiot’ and said he had no idea why he hired idiots like me at the company, and said, ‘I need you to clean up your organization.” Read More


Booting Up: Oh OK, Twitter Is Testing a @MagicRecs-Like Service for News

Hi. (Photo:

It’s tech company CEO exposé week on the Internet! Today’s person of interest is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Similar to @MagicRecs, Twitter’s personalized notification service is moving into news with @Eventparrot. [TechCrunch]

Peeved television networks plan to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to review lower court rulings about the legality of Aereo. [Variety]

Asian group messaging apps like WeChat are posing quite the threat to their American counterparts. [Wall Street Journal]

Disney is launching a “family-friendly” music service, in case searching Kidz Bop on Spotify is too hard. [Billboard]


Jeff Bezos Wants Your Advice on How to Run a Newspaper, Plz

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

Amazon founder, CEO and bajillionaire Jeffrey P. Bezos casually purchased the Washington Post for a cool $250 million not too long ago, and now he’s soliciting advice on what to do with such a decrepit artifact.

Mr. Bezos has been out press-pimping the new Amazon Fire, which, at $379, is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family. This led him to the Today show, where he mused, “Someday … I think printed newspapers on actual paper will be a luxury item, sort of like how people still have horses but it’s not their primary way of commuting to the office.” Read More


Booting Up: Microsoft Buys Itself a Labor Day Present

Nokia!! (Photo: Dailytech)

Microsoft took some time off from its Labor Day BBQ to announce that it had acquired the handset and services arm of Nokia. [New York Times]

CBS and Time Warner, two gigantic babies masquerading as multi-million dollar companies, finally reached a deal that allows CBS programming to return to Time Warner. It hit your TV last night at 6pm EST, but unless you watch Two Broke Girls (lol), you probably didn’t notice. [The Verge]

Apparently growing bored of life on his lush New Zealand compound, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has started his own political party, and–yes–he’s President of it. [TorrentFreak]

Here’s a cool interactive graphic from the Times about the next great startup. Snapchat is included, of course. [NYT]

Jeff Bezos intends to use his bajillions to create a new “golden era” at WaPo. [Washington Post]


Booting Up: Groupon Names its Interim CEO as its Real CEO


The S.S. Groupon might be finally veering into steadier waters: The daily deal site deleted the interim tag from Eric Lefkofsky’s name, meaning it finally has a CEO. That sent shares up 20 percent. [AllThingsD]

YouTube founders are releasing their own Vine and Instagram competitor today called MixBit. It appears easier to edit videos than the other two apps and lets users record a full 16 seconds of film. [New York Times]

Bebo’s back! Site founder Michael Birch released a weird video celebrating its return proclaiming “The new Bebo will be very different from the old one” then showed some phallic artwork. [Business Insider]

Facebook is trying out a trending topics section. [TechCrunch]

Kara Swisher, a former Washington Post employee, has some unsolicited advice for its new owner Jeff Bezos. [AllThingsD]


Booting Up: Naveen Selvadurai Admits He Didn’t Want to Leave Foursquare

Business dudes doing business. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Naveen Selvadurai finally admitted that he didn’t want to leave Foursquare and his exit was pretty crushing. [Fast Company]

Twitter’s having a tough time balancing its grand global goals with being a free-speech free-for-all. [Wall Street Journal]

Jeff Bezos and Don Graham negotiated the Washington Post sale during the Sun Valley conference. [Reuters]

“This is maybe going out on a little bit of a limb: but look, he’s buying a lot of political influence. And we can’t discard the fact that Amazon hasn’t been an enormous player, at least up until the dispute over sales taxes, and in buying The Washington Post, he has a seat at the table.” [The New Republic]

Apple will replace any non-Apple chargers you might have for a mere $10, after a Chinese woman was reportedly electrocuted while using a off-brand charger. [The Verge]

Leave it to Bezos

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Buys the Washington Post Because He Can

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

At 4:15 p.m., according to Jim RomaneskoWashington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth called her staffers into the auditorium for a 4:30 p.m. announcement. The news: Amazon founder and noted rocketry enthusiast Jeff Bezos is buying the Post and its “affiliated publications” outright. He’ll pay $250 million in cash.

Perhaps you heard the shrieks of shock issuing from newsrooms all over town? Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Elon Musk Can Have Mars, Jeff Bezos Will Take the Sea


Not that long ago at a piano bar in Davos, America’s preeminent billionaires got together to divvy up dominion over the land, sea, and stars. The minutes of the meeting have been kept secret–so as not to offend the world’s governments quaint perception of “sovereignty.”

Elon Musk being Elon couldn’t help revealing his ascendancy to Mars. Quietly, it emerged that Yuri Milner was given the Earth’s molten core, Sean Parker got Coachella and Warren Buffet rules the Middle West. Now, thanks to AllThingsD, we know about Jeff Bezos’ slice of the galatic pie. Read More