Web Bytes Back Over Artist Lawsuit

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Fans of the photographer Jay Maisel who navigate to his Wikipedia page will now find more detail about a legal battle he had with techie Andy Baio than his work and achievement as an artist.

Mr. Maisel sued Mr. Baio for releasing an 8-bit version of his famous photo of Miles Davis on the cover of Kind of Blue. Mr. Baio used the digital copy for his remix of the jazz classic, Kind of Bloop. He settled for $32,000 in damages, but may end up regretting the cost the lawsuit is having on his online reputation. Read More


Art-Techie Andy Baio Sued by Legendary Photographer Jay Maisel


While he spends most his time in Portland, Oregon, artist, writer and developer Andy Baio has had a big impact on the local scene at the intersection of art and technology.

Baio helped to launch the fast growing crowd funding platform Kickstarter, which relies on a mix of web savvy and social media to help independent artist find backing for their projects.

He was also part of the recent 7 on 7 exhibition at the New Museum, an annual show by Rhizome, sponsored this year by AOL, which pairs seven artists with seven technologists. He and partner Michael Bell-Smith created a program to make a giant remix of online remix videos.

Today he wrote about being sued for $150,000 by Jay Maisel. Baio had created Kind of Bloop, a chiptune remix of the Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue. A friend made a 8-bit pixel art version of the album’s legendary cover, a photo shot by Maisel.  Read More