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Rumor Roundup: In Which an Angry Reader Hopes We Are Forced to ‘Work on a Land Line Forever’


A (literal) letter to the editor: When Betabeat freelancer David Shapiro wrote a damning review of the new BlackBerry Z10, saying that people would think less of you if you opted for it over an iPhone, we expected to receive some angry feedback. What we did not expect, however, was to receive a real paper letter, mailed to our offices, lamenting the “hugely irritating and pompous and dumb and plain silly” post. We suppose it’s appropriate, however, that such an impassioned BlackBerry user would take to the mailbox instead of email–does email even work on that thing? (JK) Read More

Schmidt Happens

Sorry Eric Schmidt, but Your Daughter Is Our New Favorite North Korean Delegate


Don’t get us wrong, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Your trip to North Korea has been a blast–the highlight of our year, really. Remember that time those Kim Il-sung University students pretended they were allowed to google things just to impress you?! Or what about former Governor Bill Richardson’s superfluous but omnipresent cravat?

But now that you’re free from the Supreme Leader’s distortion field, we have to say your tight-lipped travelogue pales in comparison to the candid, snark-laced account offered up by your daughter Sophie Schmidt. Read More

Planet GOOG

Eric Schmidt ✈ North Korea


What happens when an outspoken executive from the world’s largest Internet search company visits the world’s most restrictive Internet economy? We’ll soon find out! The Associated Press reports that Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt is scheduled to travel to North Korea as early as this month on a “private trip” led by former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

The gloriously candid Mr. Schmidt has taken on more of a policy role since stepping down as CEO in 2011, focusing on the company’s external relationships with business partners and governments. He’s working on a book called The New Digital Age with Jared Cohen, the fratty-looking former State Department policy and planning adviser, who now heads Google Ideas, a New York-based think tank that “convenes unorthodox stakeholders.” Read More


Booting Up: ‘Fun Yahoo Layette Set’ Edition

(Photo: Instagram)

Google execs Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen wrote an op-ed about how witnesses in the drug war are like anonymous packets on a server? [Washington Post]

The Yahoo communications team got its new CEO Marissa Mayer a “fun Yahoo layette set” which is apparently parent-speak for “a onesie with ‘Born to Yodel!’ on it and a white blanket for baby to ruin with spit-up.” [Instagram]

Speaking of Ms. Mayer, she wasn’t on Yahoo’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, but she will be greeted with weak profits in her first quarter as CEO. [Wall Street Journal]

The New Zealand judge in charge of Kim Dotcom’s case has been dismissed after some eyebrow-raising comments about the U.S. being the “enemy.” [New Zealand Herald]

Washington state residents can now register to vote via Facebook, which is a refreshing departure from Pennsylvania’s voter registration methods, where you have to furnish the blood of your great-great-grandmother in a vial made of unicorn tears. [Ars Technica]