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U.S. Farmer’s Lost Phone Turns Up 9 Months Later in Japan

Mr. Whitney, post-phone reunion. (Screengrab: KFOR)

Here’s a story that’ll make you hate humanity a little less: an Oklahoma farmer lost his phone last fall, only to have it returned to him nine months later — from Japan.

Kevin Whitney, of Chickasha, Okla., lost his iPhone last October when it fell out of his pocket into his grain pit — which contained 280,000 pounds of grain — and then was whisked up the grain elevator, KFOR reports. We guess that’s like the farming equivalent of leaving your phone in a cab. Read More

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This Fake Finger Looks Like a Sex Toy But Is Actually a Phone Stylus

Uh, cool? (Ratoken)

When it comes to bizarre smartphone accessories that make you question the future of humankind, Japan is on top of its game. Now, a Japanese company called Ratoken has released what might be the strangest product we’ve seen yet — and yes, we did report on those edible iPhone cases.

Ratoken is now selling the “Phablet finger,” the Daily Mail reports. Worn like a finger puppet, the fake finger extends the user’s thumb by 15mm, allegedly making it easier to operate smartphones with larger screens — like the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6 or the enormous Samsung Galaxy Mega. Read More

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You Can Finally Sleep With Your Pretend Cartoon Girlfriend Hatsune Miku Thanks to This Software

Who wants to spoooon! (Photo:

What is reality, anyway? Nothing more than a bunch of sights, smells, feelings, maybe an interpersonal relationship or two. And what is a girlfriend but a person who sleeps next to you in bed who you can spoon and nudge occasionally, whether she is made of flesh and blood or synthetic material?

Now, lonely people can have their own “real” “girlfriends” thanks to a new app from–where else?–Japan. It allows users to see, touch and even smell a three-dimensional, virtual version of animated Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku, RocketNews24 reportsRead More

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New Service Lets You Rent Our World’s Most Precious Resource, Middle-Aged Men

Rent me! (Photo: Ossan)

Do you have a startling lack of middle-aged men in your life? Did your dad stop passive aggressively communicating his disappointment to you via email? Did creepy guys on the subway with wedding rings stuffed onto their sausage fingers stop sniffing your hair? Did your boss and your boss’s boss and his boss’s boss all magically get replaced by women? Japan has the solution for you. Read More

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Japanese Facebook Group Galvanizes People to Clean Public Toilets as ‘Spirit Cleansing Ritual’

Spiritual cleaning? More like pinkeye, amiright? (Photo: YouTube)

There’s a Japanese social group founded on Facebook whose members gather once a week to clean public restrooms with their bare hands as a spiritual cleansing ritual. Good morning!

As the AP reported this week, the group is called Benjyo Soujer, which loosely translates to “Bathroom Soldier” in English. A team of 35 men, women, and children, the group meets every Sunday morning at 6 a.m., gears up with cleaning supplies, and spends around an hour and a half scrubbing some nasty Tokyo toilets. Read More