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Is Privacy Overhyped? A Panel Discusses

From left to right: Mr. Morozov, Mr. Soghoian, Ms. Lammert, Ms. Yakowitz and Mr. Greeley.

Spoiler: an Open Society Foundation panel on privacy last night did not come to a conclusion on the question at hand, “Is Privacy Overhyped?” The full title, “Four Views of Technology, Security, and Democracy Online,” revealed that¬†answering the question was not the goal. Scaremongering and provoking confrontations was.¬†Just kidding! It was very interesting.

A distinguished panel discussed the positive and negative implications of the mounting pile of data on regular people available to corporations and the government before an audience of journalist students, techies, engaged citizens and even the hacker Jacob Appelbaum, notorious for his privacy advocacy and work on the Tor project, a system that enables anonymity on the Internet. Read More