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After Jane Austen Inspired a Bunch of Rape Threats, Twitter Is Making it Easier to Report Abuse


For months, activist Caroline Criado-Perez has been campaigning to get more women on the United Kingdom’s money, and on Wednesday, the Bank of England announced that Jane Austen, author of lots of books that have been unfairly mischaracterized as chick lit, would replace Charles Darwin on the 10-pound note.

Now, one would think the only offensive thing about this development is that, as author Lev Grossman points out, the detestable Miss Bingley from Pride and Prejudice is quoted on the bill. But apparently not, because since the announcement Ms. Criado-Perez has been dealing with a slew of abuse and rape threats on Twitter.

To repeat, a woman has been bombarded with rape threats because Jane Austen is going to be on the United Kingdom’s money. Jane. Austen. Read More