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Here’s Why James Deen Is the Bob Dylan of Porn

James Deen isn't a feminist. He just wants to have sex on camera. (Getty)

James Deen does not identify as a feminist. He’s said it before, and he said it again when the two of us had lunch recently on the Lower East Side.

We’d been talking about Mr. Deen’s fan base — specifically, his legion of devoted female followers. I’d asked if he took credit for introducing so many women to porn, and for letting them know that it’s okay to enjoy watching people have sex on camera.

“No,” he said instinctively. “I, uh, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t take credit for it. If you gave me credit for it, I would take it, but I don’t, like, I don’t run around and be like, ‘Guess what I did, guys?!’ But, uh, I mean, that would be pretty cool.”

“Would you say you’re a feminist?” I asked point-blank.

“No.” Read More

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Even Porn Star James Deen Looks a Little Silly Boning in Google Glass

Uhhh, Glass, how do I block out the Glass? (Photo: Screencap)

Try as they might, the prudes in Mountain View just cannot stop humans from using Glass for dirty purposes.

Sure, Google bowdlerized developer MiKandi’s Tits and Glass, the first porn app for Glass, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let themselves be wholly cock-blocked. They’ve built a platform where users can share videos made with Glass, and they’ve also teamed up with beloved Internet personality James Deen and Andy San Dimas for this production, supposedly the first professional porno made on Glass. Read More