Let Me Upgrade You

Tumblr Shamelessly Leverages Adorable Bulldog to Introduce a Big Photo Feature Upgrade


David Karp didn’t get Tumblr’s pageviews to look like a hockey stick by following the pack. So rather than cleave the internet’s affinity for cat photos, Tumblr decided to go its own way and introduce a big upgrade to its Photosets feature using Mr. Karp’s irresistible English bulldog, Clark. In a post today on its staff blog, Tumblr’s creative director Jacob Bijani outlines all the new controls now available on Photosets. To illustrate all the “high-res glory,” Mr. Bijani uses a set of squee-worthy images from Clark’s “harrowing bulldog walk” through the picturesque, tree-lined streets of New York.

For Facebook users who’ve defaulted to using the social network as a glorified photo storage unit, the upgrade is certainly compelling. As Mr. Bijani explains: Read More