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An Interview with the Anonymous Member Who Launched the Campaign Against Hunter Moore and Revenge Porn

(Photo: Twitter)

Last night, news broke that the hacktivist collective Anonymous had joined the fight against revenge porn by doxing Hunter Moore, the infamous proprietor of now-defunct revenge porn site Is Anyone Up.

In an interview with Betabeat, Mr. Moore said that his new site, HunterMoore.TV, would port over all of the old Is Anyone Up content, as well as include an address submission field so that naked photos were linked to a victim’s home address. “We’re going to introduce the mapping stuff so people are going to be able to stalk or do whatever they want to do–I know, it’s going to be scary as shit,” Mr. Moore said. “We’re just gonna add a new field and you can put their address in and then it will Google Map it.”

Mr. Moore has since retracted this statement, telling Salon that he will only be posting the addresses of those he hates, and not necessarily allowing users to submit addresses of their own. Still, his decision to further violate the privacy of those who appear on his new site caught the attention of Anonymous, which promptly launched #OpHuntHunter, a¬†campaign¬†focusing on holding Mr. Moore “accountable” for his revenge porn empire. Read More