Booting Up: Dumps Daily Emails, Is Netflix the New HBO?

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Fab has axed its daily email blast and instead users can now “follow” designers or things they like on a Pinterest-esque board. Maybe that’ll help! [TechCrunch]

Apple is “aggressively” hiring for its iWatch device, which is slated to be released late next year. [MacRumors]

Netflix’s highly lauded new series Orange is the New Black is so good that some are deeming the streaming platform next HBO. Where’s the Girls knock off then? [paidContent]

Google’s sweet new digs in Bay View, Calif. are facing construction delays of up to a year due to design squabbles. [The Mercury News]

A video of Google’s highly anticipated Motorola-built smartphone Moto X was accidentally leaked by a Canadian company. From what fans gleaned from the now-pulled snippet,the sleek smartphone will have hands-free searches and access to its camera is activated when you twist your wrist. [Droid Life]


Booting Up: Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off His Pride, CityGrid Lays Off 130

Mark Zuckerberg at SF Pride. (Photo: Twitter/@m7z)

Apple’s iWatch is coming: The company has applied to trademark the device in Japan. [Reuters]

IAC’s beleaguered CityGrid Media unit, which contains Urbanspoon and CitySearch, is laying off 130 people–or about two-thirds of its staff. It previously went under another round of staffing reductions last October when 15 percent of its workforce was axed. [TechCrunch]

Instagram suffered a widespread spam attack over the weekend. Users reported seeing pictures of a “miracle fruit” in their feed with a link to a phony BBC article about it. Facebook reports that it’s now all under control. [GigaOM]

Groupon wants you to really like them again so they’re introducing a new feature called Reserve, a new daily deal redeemable at high-end restaurants in 10 cities, including New York. [USA Today]

Led by Mark Zuckerberg, around 700 Facebook employees marched in San Francisco’s gay pride parade Sunday. [Wall Street Journal]

Yes I'm the Great Unboxer

Startup Status Symbol: Ignore the iWatch Agitprop, Pebble Is Ready to Be Unboxed

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Between Nick Bilton’s business section cover story and the Wall Street Journal‘s Foxconn follow-up, it was hard to miss this weekend’s agitprop about the inevitable iWatch. According to Dan Lyons, that’s exactly how Apple intended it. That stock slide isn’t going to manipulate itself!

Mr. Lyons traced the start of Apple’s whisper (in a reporter’s ear) campaign back to TechCrunch blogger, investor, and Apple stock holder MG Siegler, who called the time it takes to pull an all-serving computer out of his own pocket “insane.” That was followed by an impromptu treatise on the iWatch’s ability to “fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem” from Cupertino’s former interface designer. Read More