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Hackers Have Been Secretly Filching Money From iTunes Accounts For Years


The Global Mail, a non-profit news site, had a big break this week: a feature about wormholes in iTunes that have let hackers abuse accounts as far back as 2010. In a typical scenario, an account is accessed without permission, any remaining gift card credit is used to buy apps and the user’s personal information, such as a PayPal account, is abused or altered.

“Those holding iTunes gift cards appear to be the most vulnerable. Once the theft had occurred, forum users say the solutions provided by Apple aren’t up to scratch,” said the Global Mail, noting than more than 1,000 instances have been reported on Apple forums.

Although the theft tends to range from just a couple dollars up to $500, the more troubling aspect is Apple’s lack of transparency about the problem. Apple appears to be taking the stance of issuing refunds, but (as is company protocol) not acknowledging the possibility of a systemic problem until they have a solution. Read More