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Nutella-Like Chocolate Beer Spread Finally Invented

(Photo: Selfridges.com)

Sometimes when you’re enjoying a nice cold one, the only logical thought is, “I wish this would congeal so I could put it on toast, maybe with a mild soft cheese.”

Well, a couple of saintly Italians have combined their magical powers of making chocolate and making beer, creating a thick paste that is both beer and chocolate and for some terrible reason did not exist until now. Read More

Ballmer Time

Microsoft and Its Business Partners are Being ‘Probed’ About Bribery Allegations

This is a Surface. (Photo: Microsoft)

Was that a bellow of rage we just heard from the direction of Redmond? The Wall Street Journal reports that the DOJ and SEC are poking around Microsoft as part of an investigation into business partners (like resellers and consultants) who maaaybe secured software contracts by bribing foreign officials.

Well, that would be one way to keep Windows running on every desktop. Read More

Cell your Soul

Italian Court Rules That Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors

Hope you don't get cancer, CEO guy. (flickr.com/perspective)

Italy’s Supreme Court has issued a ruling that could have a ripple effect for cellphone manufacturers all over the world by declaring a “causal link” between an Italian businessman’s non-cancerous tumor and his daily cellphone usage.

The businessman, Innocente Marcolini, said he used his cellphone as much as six hours a day for work. Now his face his paralyzed on one side.

Testimony from oncologists and researchers on Mr. Marcolini’s behalf might spook even the most hardcore cellphone user: Read More

Sexy Times

Here, Have Some Nekkid Pictures With Your Internets


This morning an intriguing project crossed the Hacker News transom: Hornify.it, a bookmarklet that replaces every image on a page with, um, nude photographs. Of course we immediately experimented with our own homepage and found more breasts than you’d see on Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday. So it’s a little like Cornify, but for adult content rather than Lisa Frank-like sparkle ponies.

Betabeat could not let such a thing pass without delving a little deeper. We reached out and got a little more detail from creator Matteo Caberlotto, who described it, via email, as “a button that transforms any website into a pornsite (kind of…).” Well, it’s not that much worse than anything you’d see on HBO, but it’s certainly softcore at the least. Read More