Oh the Humanities

If You Want a Job You Should Major in Drama, Not Tech

How else do you expect to find friends like this?

Did you think your generic tech degree was going to be useful? Not so fast — it appears the tides have turned and theatre majors are, for some strange reason, getting jobs more easily than tech students are.

Among recent theatre grads, 6.4 percent are unemployed — compared to the 14.7 percent of information systems graduates who are unable to find work, USA Today reports, giving credence to some professors’ recent claim that liberal arts degrees are totes useful. Read More

It Just Might Work!

Heating Your Home With Data: Cloud Computers As Residential Boilers

An artists rendering

Betabeat is of the opinion that the internet can be used to solve just about any problem. With winter bearing down on us, it was exciting to see a study from a team of researchers at Microsoft and the University of Virginia arguing that cloud computing could be leveraged to cheaply and efficiently heat people’s homes. This being academia, they kick things off with a joke, “Cloud computing is hot, literally.”

The massive amount of data making its way into the cloud means a lot more energy going into IT. “Electricity consumed by computers and other IT equipment has been skyrocketing in recent years, and has become a substantialpart of the global energy market,” the researchers write.

“Computers can be placed directly into buildings to provide low latency cloud computing for its offices or residents, and the heatthat is generated can be used to heat the building. This approach improves quality of service by moving storage and computation closer to the consumer, and simultaneously improves energy efficiency and reduces costs by reusing the electricity and electrical infrastructure thatwould normally be used for space heating alone.” Read More