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Even As He Promises to Close ‘Is Anybody Down,’ Craig Brittain Covertly Plans a New Revenge Porn Site

Mr. Brittain (Photo: CBS4-Denver)

Craig Brittain, owner of the revenge porn hub Is Anybody Down, has borrowed a page from fellow revenge porn proprietor Hunter Moore.

Yesterday, in a tweet laden with remorse, Mr. Brittain announced that he is shutting down Is Anybody Down. After a number of self-pitying follow-ups on Twitter, he changed his bio to the rather emo, “Say good night to the bad guy.” Read More

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Craig Brittain, Owner of Revenge Porn Hub Is Anybody Down, Says He’s Shutting Down the Site

Mr. Brittain (Photo: CBS Denver)

Update: Even As He Promises to Close ‘Is Anybody Down,’ Craig Brittain Covertly Plans a New Revenge Porn Site

This afternoon Craig Brittain, the proprietor of revenge porn platform Is Anybody Down, announced on his Twitter feed that the site will be shutting down. In a series of tweets, Mr. Brittain wrote that the site, which allows scorned lovers to upload intimate photos of their exes without consent, will shut down entirely within 24 hours. “The website, Is Anybody Down, will completely end,” he tweeted.

Mr. Brittain said he would provide more information soon and that the site is not being shuttered because of outside pressures, but instead because he “made a personal decision to end Is Anybody Down.” Read More

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Bullyville Founder Wins $250,000 in Defamation Case Against Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore

Mr. Moore (Photo: Showclix)

In 2012, it seemed like revenge porn king Hunter Moore might have had a change of heart. He sold his prominent revenge porn empire Is Anyone Up to James McGibney, the owner of anti-bullying site Bullyville, and wrote a letter claiming that he was no longer interested in facilitating the proliferation of revenge porn. Of course, like most of what Mr. Moore does, it was impossible to take at face value. The whole thing turned out to be a massive troll, fueled by copious amounts of cocaine, as he said in our December 2012 feature. Read More

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Victims of Revenge Porn Speak Out Against Craig Brittain, Founder of Is Anybody Down

Mr. Brittain

When Hunter Moore shut down Is Anyone Up, the web’s most notorious revenge porn site, a host of copycat sites quickly cropped up to fill the void, though none have come close to generating as much traffic as Mr. Moore’s.

One called Is Anybody Down, however, goes a step beyond humiliating people by posting their naked photos without consent. The site claims to hold an “independent” partnership with another site that charges a $250 fee for the removal of photos. Now several women in Colorado are speaking out against its founder, Craig Brittain, and these extortionist policies.

Read More

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Victims of Revenge Porn Mount Class Action Suit Against GoDaddy and

Ms. Toups being filmed for a video news segment about her experience with revenge porn. (Photo: Instagram/h0lliewood)

“I don’t think that society really realizes how rampant it is,” Sarah, a victim of revenge porn, told Betabeat in a feature we wrote last month about the effort to put a stop to sites that take intimate photos of women and publish them without their permission. “And right now,” she added, “there’s not a lot that victims can do about it.”

Last week, however, several women–some affiliated with Sarah’s organization, End Revenge Porn–joined a class action lawsuit with the hopes of taking down a prominent revenge porn website. Read More

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Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore Claims He’s Getting His Own TV Show

Mr. Moore (Photo: Showclix)

Hunter Moore, the web’s vilest revenge porn entrepreneur, announced on Twitter early this morning that a television show he has been working on has been picked up. Mr. Moore is notorious for running the revenge porn hub Is Anyone Up, where scorned people submit racy pictures of their exes without their permission. The site was shut down last year, but Mr. Moore has been planning to launch another site, HunterMoore.TV, for the last few months. Read More

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The Battle Over Revenge Porn: Can Hunter Moore, the Web’s Vilest Entrepreneur, Be Stopped?


The king of revenge porn had just slept with a girl on her 18th birthday at an inconspicuous hotel in Chinatown, and he claimed he had the cell phone snap of her driver’s license to prove it. Though he lives in San Francisco, the notorious Hunter Moore was in New York to serve a community service sentence following an incident in which he’d headbutted a go-go dancer.

“I was so coked out,” Mr. Moore told Betabeat, as we made our way from the lobby of his hotel to a Broome Street bar called Lolita. Tall and thin with ink-colored hair and eyes to match, wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head, Mr. Moore sipped a rum and coke as we slid into a booth toward the back. Black tattoos reached like spiders across his arms.

Read More

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Hunter Moore, the Infamous King of Revenge Porn, Is Back With a New Smut Submission Site

(Photo: HunterMoore.TV)

Remember Hunter Moore, the 26-year-old porn proprietor whom the Village Voice wrote “makes a living screwing you?” Mr. Moore’s site, Is Anyone Up, served as a platform for scorned exes and bored hackers to submit nude photos of people without their consent, along with links to their Facebook or Twitter profiles. After disappearing from the revenge porn circuit for awhile, he appears to be back in action with a new site, HunterMoore.TV.

The site is bare bones so far, with a Hunter Moore logo and two buttons, “Submit” and “Advertise.” [Update: The new site will map photos to people’s addresses.] A welcome message penned by Mr. Moore himself outlines what the next iteration of Is Anyone Up will look like: Read More