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NY Congressional Candidate Jeff Kurzon is Now Taking Donations in Bitcoin

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Ever since the FEC decided that it was legit for congressional campaigns to take donations in Bitcoin, a few future-forward politicians have made digital currency donations part of their platform. Now that trend is making its East Coast debut in New York City’s 7th district.

Congressional candidate Jeff Kurzon will start accepting donations to his campaign in Bitcoin this week as part of his effort to unseat Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez. Jeff Kurzon is the first New York politician to accept digital currencies for a campaign, following in the footsteps of Colorado’s Jared Polis and Texas’s Steve Stockman. Read More


Could All That Free Food Get Tech Companies in Trouble with the Tax Man?

In the real world, this costs money. (Photo:

Free food is such a staple of Startupland that when Marissa Mayer introduced free food to Yahoo, she was heralded like Moses stepping down from Mt. Sinai, stone tablets in hand. But the Wall Street Journal reports that all that gratis grub could land tech companies in trouble with the IRS.

That’s because, to the enforcers in Washington, these perks look an awful lot like another form of compensation, and the IRS often considers regular meals a taxable benefit.

The Journal reports: Read More