Kids These Days

Kids Aren’t Reporting Cyberbullying Because They Don’t Want Their Phones Confiscated

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Today in really, really sad news, kids these days would apparently rather endure cyberbullying than not have a smartphone or laptop, Ireland’s Independent reports.

The theory belongs to Dr. Conor McGuckin, an assistant professor in education psychology at Trinity College, Dublin. According to Dr. McGuckin, who spoke at a recent Cyber-Ethics Public Forum, kids are often scared to report cases of cyberbullying to their parents because they don’t want them to confiscate their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Instead, they’d rather suffer the torment in silence. Read More

Crime Does Pay

Hairdresser-in-Training Accused of Basically Running an Uber for Getaway Cars

Not so much.

The long arm of the law has reached out and put a stop to one entrepreneurial young woman’s brilliant technology-enabled service for local burglars.

The BBC reports that 20-year-old Nicole Gibson, a “trainee hairdresser” from Donegal, allegedly went around informing local criminals that if they needed a getaway car, they could just give her a holler and she’d be right there. “She would be at home and would get a text message to pick people up,” a cop explained. Ah, ain’t the peer-to-peer economy grand?  Read More