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Torturous Ennui of the Upper Middle Class Explored with #ThisAmericanLifeStories Hashtag

Mr. Oswalt (Photo: Wikipedia)

“This American Life” is a radio show so beloved–and so unfailingly pretentious–that even its biggest fans have to concede that it’s mostly a portrait of the spoiled upper middle class. Today┬ácomedian Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to playfully mock the show, first tweeting “A small, local post office #ThisAmericanLifeStories” and following that up with “Hats #ThisAmericanLifeStories.”

Of course, the hashtag tore off like Ira Glass in an artisanal cheese shop: soon it was trending, and our Twitter feed was filling up with hilarious suggestions for upcoming show topics, like “Alfalfa farmers who also read The New Yorker#ThisAmericanLifeStories,” as a user named Henning Fog tweeted. Read More

After After the Fact

Mike Daisey Finally Gives the Apology The Media Has Been Waiting For

Mr. Daisey

After a swath of deflection attempts and half-apologies, notorious truth-exaggerator and Apple opponent Mike Daisey has finally issued the genuine apology we’ve all been waiting for.

In an entry posted to his blog yesterday, Mr. Daisey apologized to everyone who ever paid him a modicum of attention, including his audience, theater coworkers, journalists and human rights advocates, for exaggerating the negative details of Apple’s Chinese factory conditions on “This American Life.” Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Everyone Got Over Their Foxconn Guilt Just in Time to Buy a New iPad

Workers in a Chinese Apple factory. (

Remember that whole Apple/Foxconn debacle, wherein the New York Times questioned the human cost of the iPad’s Chinese production? Yeah, neither do we.

It turns out that the majority of Americans have succeeded in ignoring the gnawing guilt they displayed a few months ago over the whole ordeal just in time for the release of the new iPad. Congratulations, short-term Internet memory! You win again. Read More