Privacy Police

Comcast and Road Runner Customers Love Uploading Their Stuff to The Pirate Bay

User names of 10 top BitTorrent seeders. (Screengrab)

There is no safe way to upload your stuff to The Pirate Bay without taking pains to conceal your IP address. Many who are addicted to torrents know this–unless, apparently, they’re Americans¬†who get their Internet from Comcast or Road Runner.

Torrent Freak reports that researchers from multiple institutions have been logging data from BitTorrent network users for a while. On the surface, their intentions don’t seem nefarious: Read More

Let Me Locate You

Get Ready for IPS: Like GPS, Except the Signal Is Coming FROM INSIDE THE BUILDING


Of all of Google’s bleeding edge projects and technologies–say cars that drive themselves or the Internet on your goddam face–there’s only one Marissa Mayer described as futuristic during a recent Q&A at the 92nd Street Y: Indoor positioning systems. Google has already implemented the technology, which lets you locate yourself inside a building, on Google Maps for Android at Macy’s flagship store (using the building’s floor plan and Wifi readings) and all the transit stations in Tokyo.

“Even though I helped build it,”¬†Ms. Mayer told the crowd, “It’s like scifi!” Read More