Booting Up: The Tacky iPhone 5C Ruined Apple’s Fourth Quarter Earnings

Ruined everything. (Photo: Apple)

We have yet to see an iPhone 5C in the wild, which is probably why Apple is blaming it for hampering its quarterly earnings. [Recode]

Comcast could replace Time Warner as the source of your cable-induced heart burn. [Verge]

After being caught for not doing so, Uber is finally doing background checks for its town car drivers in San Francisco. [PandoDaily]

Inside, a Jason Calacanis-founded news app that contains stories longer than a tweet but shorter than an article, has launched. [Capital]

Blame traffic from Facebook for Elite Daily’s rise to fame. [Digiday]

weather center

Six Months Later, Betaworks’ Weather Service Poncho Sees Clear Skies


Weather apps have somehow managed to make checking something so simple so damn aggravating. It feels like an hour doesn’t go by without our phones being alerted to a threat of tornadoes, and don’t get us started on the Weather Chanel’s scare mongering tactics. We get it, we’re going to die!

So, it was a relief when Poncho, a Betaworks-created weather service, popped up last April. We’re no Jim Cantore, so we don’t need our eyeballs to be polluted with weather lingo when all that’s necessary is knowing whether or not we need to grab a jacket or an umbrella.  The saucy weather alerts are delivered via text or email, but Poncho has quietly expanded to include more customizable features since its inception. Read More


Booting Up: Apple Is Supposedly Prepping an iPhone Trade-In Program

"Leave me alone." (Photo: Twitter)

Facebook is going to pony up $20 million to some users who were included in its “Sponsored Stories” ad program without receiving their permission. [Wired]

Apple is reportedly going to unveil an iPhone trade-in program in anticipation of the new model coming in September. [AllThingsD]

Alexis Ohanian is going on the offensive and denying rumors that he did work for controversial intelligence agency Stratfor despite a Wikileaks dump that Reddit users are insinuating otherwise. [Daily Dot]

According to a Pew Research study, 10 percent use their smartphones as their sole connection to the Internet. We pity their Facebook experience. [TechCrunch]

Um, get excited for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming next week? [GigaOM]