First World Problems

Parents Now Shipping Their iPad-Addicted Kids to Therapy

Problem child. (Photo: Flickr)

We’re all going to enter therapy for our addiction to technology eventually. Might as well start them young. That’s what they’re doing over in the United Kingdom to a four-year-old girl who, after using her iPad for more than four hours a day, became “distressed and inconsolable” when it was taken away.

Her mother entered her into a rehab after she showed “increased agitation” when the iPad was removed. Enter hero Dr. Richard Graham, the creator of Britain’s first-ever technology addiction program, who claims cases like hers are growing and creating “dangerous” long-term effects. He told The Telegraph that the electronic form of amusement was preventing kids from forming IRL social relationships and leaving kids very exhausted from the constant swiping. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

In China, Fake Apple Products Are an Acceptable Offering for Your Ancestors

(Photo: Technabob)

Every spring during the Qingming Festival, people in China honor their ancestors by cleaning and repairing their tombstones. Offerings are also made to the dead, typically consisting of food and drink, but because Chinese culture dictates that deceased relatives will need money and other material goods in the after life, many will also burn fake money or paper replicas of homes and cars as offerings. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

PSA: If You’re Gonna Steal an iPad, Don’t Text the Owner ‘Thanks for the iPad’

(Photo: Mac Observer)

There’s been a lot of news recently about Apple product thieves who are rather careless when it comes to their stealing tactics. If you’re going to steal an iPad, the first thing you want to do is probably disable iCloud, lest all your pictures get sent to the original owner. The second thing you want to do is to definitely not text the owner gloating about the fact that you stole their iPad. Read More

App for That

Parents, Guard Your iPads: 5-Year-Old Buys $2,554 Worth of Apps in 10 Minutes


If you’ve ever seen a child use an iPad, it’s actually kind of terrifying. The ease with which they learn the swipe gesture; the comfort they clearly take from sinking into a Winnie the Pooh puzzle game. There is no adoption curve whatsoever: place a tablet in a child’s hand and watch as they effortlessly cue up apps you didn’t even know you’d downloaded. Read More

App for That

The CDC Just Released an iPad App That’s Basically ‘Contagion: The Game!’

Solve the outbreak! (Photo: App Store)

The Centers for Disease Control (A-town, represent) has just released a new iPad app, meant to educate the public on how its “disease detectives,” a.k.a. epidemiologists, a.k.a Dustin Hoffman in Outbreak, fight epidemics. It is called “Solve the Outbreak,” and the announcement makes it sound like it is basically “Contagion: The Game!” The description:  Read More