UPDATE: Woman’s ‘New’ iPad Air From Target Clearly Used to Belong to Someone Else

Robin and her crappy ass used iPad. (Screengrab: CTV)

In Canada, Black Friday is all topsy turvy. For example, there is no Thanksgiving the day before, so Canadian shoppers don’t get the three-for-one Deadly Sin deal of greed, gluttony and sloth that Americans enjoy on this festive weekend.

And, it turns out, the stuff they buy from Canadian Target actually belongs in a Yard Sale pile or at least a Goodwill, if one lady’s story is correct. Read More

In Loco Parentis

Parents Seem Pretty Chill About Letting iPads Raise Their Kids

Dramatization. (Photo: Brutal Gamer)

There’s nothing like the soothing glow of a digital screen to shut your kid up for a few minutes. Parents have known this since the dawn of television.

But now, there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to getting your kid to sit still for longer than three seconds, and it’s called the tablet. Tablet ownership among families has risen at an insane rate–40 percent of families own the devices now, while two years ago, only 8 percent did, according to the New York Times. So if you wondered who was buying all those Kindle Fires, there you go. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Children Just Won’t Stop Spending Enormous Amounts of Money on Virtual Goods

So are you gonna gimme your credit card or what? (HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images)

The iPad makes a pretty great babysitter for about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, if you leave the kids alone too long you’re likely to end up broke.

The Telegraph reports that a couple of parents in the U.K. are livid, after their six-year-old twins managed to spend almost £979.90 on virtual pets and clothing in two online games. (This is not the first time this has happened.) Their father complained to the paper: Read More