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Fortune Deletes Racist Portion of Its iPad Mini Live Blog: ‘Some Readers Complained About Ethnic Profiling’

Mr. Elmer-DeWitt (Photo:

This morning’s release of the iPad Mini saw crowds completely forgetting about the hurricane and lining up to score themselves a miniaturized version of their favorite fancy tablet. Apple beat reporter  was covering the release for Fortune/CNN Money. His online bio says that he’s been covering Apple for the last 30 years. He described the scene as such:

“Judging from the ethnic makeup of the queue in front of the big glass cube of Apple’s (AAPL) Fifth Avenue store, however, most of the customers who made the pilgrimage were coming from the environs of Chinatown.

Apple hasn’t yet said when the iPad mini will be available in mainland China, so there’s likely to be a market there for units shipped from the U.S.”

Since Mr. DeWitt didn’t cite a source supporting his Chinatown claim, it seemed like an . . . odd assumption. Read More

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Not Even a Blackout Can Keep New Yorkers From Buying Apple Products

Like this, but with less light. (Photo: Mac User)

Though lower Manhattan is still shrouded in darkness, some local businesses have stayed open, serving whatever’s left in the kitchen by candlelight. But restaurants and bars aren’t the only ones working to return some sense of normalcy to neighborhoods ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. Tekserve, the retail and service store for Apple products in the Flatiron, has remained open throughout the blackout, its customers illuminated only by flashlights. Read More


Booting Up: Squarespace Will Show You Commitment Edition

One of the Fog Creek volunteers, buckets in hand. (Photo: Squarespace)

Wanna see commitment? Employees of Squarespace, Fog Creek and Peer1 kept their data center up and running throughout the disaster by hauling fuel up 17 flights of stairs. [TechCrunch]

Despite the tendency among Mac users to go batshit nuts lining up for every new product, crowds weren’t quite as major as usual for the iPad Mini. [TechCrunch]

It’s like pulling teeth to get Apple to apologize to Samsung for IP infringement, as the U.K. court of appeals is discovering. [Guardian]

Speaking of the U.K., Kickstarter is now open to projects from across the pond. [Kickstarter]

Popcorn brand Pop Secret has released an app to help you plan movie nights. And let’s face it–this weekend, you deserve a movie night. [Fast Company]

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The Apple iPad Mini: Familiar But Smaller, Lighter, Thinner [Video]

Apple’s unveiling of its new iPad mini launched in a sedate manner with CEO Tim Cook recapping the successes of iOS 6, the new iPods and the App Store, which has distributed 35 billion apps.

After Mr. Cook and Apple’s senior veep of marketing Phil Schiller introduced a new, lighter MacBook and a pair of thinner, lighter iMacs, there came the great unveiling of the iPad Mini.

Apple’s smaller iPad is the same–but different. Read More

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Please Stop Talking About Apple Products Like They’re Naked Ladies

"Every inch." -- wink wink, amirite?

Apple’s latest press conference slash gadget revival meeting and laying-on of hands just concluded. As expected, the iPad Mini made its grand entrance into the wider world, along with an array of incremental updates to existing product lines.

Only, there’s no such thing as an incremental update to an Apple product.

One of the men responsible for whipping the crowd into a frenzy was marketing honcho Phil Schiller, who did his absolutely damnedest to get us all riled up about the latest version of the MacBook and the Mac mini and so forth. Naturally, he sounded a little over-the-top in his loving descriptions of the company’s wares. TechCrunch writer John Constine mocked Mr. Schiller’s tone with a Lord of the Rings reference: “Phil Schiller on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro: ‘So thin, so beautiful, my preciouuuuussss.'”

But as we switched over to the livestream, just in time to catch the introduction of the new 13-inch MacBook pro (with an oh-so-crystal-clear retina display), we couldn’t help but characterize Mr. Schiller’s tone a little differently. It felt… weirdly intimate.

It sounded a little like Mr. Schiller was rhapsodizing about someone in the nude–specifically, a current or soon-to-be sexual partner. Read More


Booting Up: Disobey Amazon and Say Goodbye to Your Ebooks

Busted. (Photo:

Bad news, everyone: Researchers are claiming the smart-but-neglected nerds don’t actually win in the end. It turns out that, in the long run, the more popular kids actually make more money.  No word on how a makeover changes things. [The Atlantic Wire]

A Norwegian woman who somehow angered Amazon found her Kindle account frozen and access to her ebooks blocked, for an unexplained infraction. This serves as a nice reminder that unless you own something IRL, you only kinda own it. [GigaOm]

In what’s likely evidence of testing going on at Twitter HQ, some users are reporting seeing the terms “star” and “like” pop up in the place of “favorite.” [TheNextWeb]

Wal-Mart is investing quite a substantial bit of time, money and effort in its Facebook marketing efforts this holiday season. So don’t fuck up, Zuck. [Wired]

Small businesses, unfortunately, can’t quite count on flying under the radar so as to avoid cybercriminals. [ReadWrite]

Apple is livestreaming today’s press conference, which is likely to be the occasion for the unveiling of the iPad Mini. [TheNextWeb]


Booting Up: A Truckload of Money Edition

(Photo: Full Contact)

Here are alleged “engineering samples” of the iPad Mini. [Apple Insider]

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is in L.A. bragging that the company has a “truckload of money.” How…dickish. [Los Angeles Times]

Working at a startup is prettttty sweet. FullContact is now doing paid paid vacations, giving employees $7,500 each for their vacations. Sigh. [FullContact, via Hacker News]

Amazon is officially testing a smartphone. [Wall Street Journal]

Here’s a preview of some cool stuff that’s slated to hit Comic-Con. [Wired]


Booting Up: Independence Edition

(Photo: Game Informer)

The Oatmeal is finally free of Charles Carreon’s bizarre legal machinations. Mr. Carreon decided to drop his case against Matthew Inman, who apparently was represented by the EFF. Everything about this was weird. [EFF]

Porn producers are all about Project Glass. We’re sure you can guess why. [PC Mag]

Apple is reportedly planning to debut a smaller, cheaper iPad–terrible news for the Nexus 7. [Bloomberg]

Kim Dotcom has a grudge against vice president Joe Biden. [TorrentFreak]

Airport security apparently stole the Nexus Q used at Google I/O. [Dan Ellis]