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Startup News: WillCall Lets You Share Tickets to Hipster Shows and Cornell Tech Assembles a Techie Dream Team

Concert tickets

A night out with WillCall If you want to see a show but hate Ticketmaster, you don’t have too many options. Most of the time, you can either try buying secondhand from Craigslist or StubHub, or you can stay home. But the WillCall app, which originally launched last year, capitalizes on the remaining few venues (mostly smaller, all noble) that don’t have deals with big sellers to bring you a curated list of recommended events and a quick way to get tickets. This week, WillCall announced that the latest version of the app will also make it easy to transfer tickets between users, in case they’re a gift or someone has to back out at the last minute.  Read More

We the People

Sick of Stereotypical Turban Guy, Petitions Apple to Address Emoji Inequality

These don't exist. (Photo:

Late last year, before Miley Cyrus became the platinum-haired twerking PSA that she is today, she started a shortlived Twitter campaign for emoji equality. “RT if you think there needs to be an #emojiethnicity update,” she tweeted, adding “umm before they add nail colors they BETTER add black people!!!” Now, a group of dissatisfied emoji users at have launched a petition to address the emoji keyboard’s racial inequality. Read More


Siri Finally Learns to Pronounce Your Name in iOS 7

Siri's ancient predecessor, Galatea. (Photo:

The latest iteration of iPhone servant Siri may be eschewing Google in favor of Bing, but she’s also taking steps to finally learn how to say Sheik Fartington, or whatever it is you force her to call you.

Channeling Eliza Doolittle, Siri will now ask her master, “Which pronunciation should I use?” according to 9to5Mac. Phone-owners can then direct her to stop dropping h’s like a Cockney plebe — “It’s Henry Higgins, dummy.” Read More

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We Sat Through the WWDC Keynote And All We Got Was a New iOS

This is iOS7. (Phot: Jon Friedman/Twitter)

Well, that was quite the slog. For two hours today, the Apple execuatti showed off the company’s new products to excited developers (and press) at the company’s WWDC keynote in California, and boy, aren’t we living in the golden age of personal computing.

For roughly the first hour and a half, Apple honchos attired in their finest business casual clothing showed off new products and generally drummed their chests. There’s the new operating system called Maverick (cue breathless John McCain jokes on Twitter), a revamped Safari browser that might make us peel away from Chrome, new MacBooks with extended battery life and a redesigned Mac Pro that looks like a Darth Vader shake weight. Read More