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Tim Cook Apologizes for Terrible iOS 6 Maps, Doesn’t Even Mention Wifi Issues

Wealthy man, Mr. Cook (Photo:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the meeting when Tim Cook decided a product he’d overseen was terrible enough to warrant a public apology. The (faux?) humility, the palpable disappointment.

In a letter published to the Apple website and addressed to customers, Mr. Cook apologized for the frustration that the widely-panned Apple maps has caused.

However, tech journalists everywhere are still waiting for an apology from Mr. Cook for having such a boring story dominate the news cycle, as well as giving Google a reason to act ever more smug. Read More


Booting Up: Be Smartphone Smart Edition

Serial numbers, plz. (Photo:

Apple is reportedly attempting to poach members of the Google Maps team. You know what they say: If you can’t beat ‘em, steal ‘em. [TechCrunch]

The latest boat lifted by the rising tide of the New York tech boom: accounting firms. [Crain’s New York]

Apparently NYPD officers were stationed outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship, asking new iPhone 5 owners to register their serial numbers in case of theft. [Yahoo]

Meanwhile, in New Zealand: A court has ordered an investigation into whether Kim Dotcom was the victim of “unlawful spying.” [BBC News]

There's a Map for That

iOS6 Maps are So Bad They Inspired Their Own Mocking Tumblr

(Original here.)

A few days ago Waze CEO Noam Bardin kvetched that Apple’s native mapping app would stink up iOS 6. If The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr is any indication, he was right.

The screengrabs posted on the site come from iPhones and iPads. While many are self-explanatory, some come with pithy commentary, like this image, captioned, “Freiburg, Germany. Seem to be authentic World War II sattelite  (sic) images”: Read More

There's a Map for That

Apple Affiliate Waze Claims iOS 6 Maps Suck [UPDATE]

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

Inside Google HQ’s vast and endlessly churning maw there’s probably some schadenfreude tonight, as it looks like Apple’s iOS6 replacement for the Google Maps app might be a turd in the new iPhone’s punch bowl. That’s the story from Waze CEO Noam Bardin, anyway.

BGR reports that Waze supplies traffic info for Apple’s new maps. Perhaps because Apple is actually relying more on TomTom for mapping services than Waze, Mr. Bardin has some strong opinions about Apple’s choices: Read More