Booting Up: You Can’t Use Square to Sell Guns Any More


The crooner Bing Crosby might’ve been a total dick, but it turns out he was a pretty smart angel investor. Guess the Biebs isn’t so special, after all! [New Yorker]

“They became a virtual criminal flash mob, going from machine to machine, drawing as much money as they could, before these accounts were shut down.” Don’t look now but someone lived out your wildest ATM-related dreams. [The Verge]

If you’re going to I/O, keep your eyes peeled for all the sensors tracking air quality, noise levels and lord knows what else. [TechCrunch]

Square’s TOS was recently updated to add that you can’t sell “firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or… weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury” using the service. Guess you’re gonna have to start bringing duffle bags full of cash to the gun show again. [CNN Money]

Aereo launches in Atlanta June 17. [Aereo]

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Google Hoping You’ll Freefall for Project Glass Stunt

Google Glasses

At today’s Google I/O developers conference, Google cofounder Sergey Brin decided the best way to demo Project Glass, the augmented reality glasses we’ve been jonesing for since their introduction, was to throw people out of a plane. Seriously!

In a strangely Michael Bay-style demo, skydivers donned Google Glasses, jumped out of a plane and parachuted onto the roof of the Moscone Center, where the conference is taking place. Meanwhile, somewhere in heaven, Steve Jobs clenched his hand into a fist and shook it in the air, screaming, “Briiiiiin!!!!!!!” Read More