For the Love of God Think of the Interns

The Master List Of Tech Internship Salaries Revealed

(Data via Dan Zhang, Viz by Jack Smith IV)

Last week, we broke the news of a small list of what tech companies like Google, Facebook and Quora have been paying their interns. Turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Betabeat has obtained a dataset that dwarfs that list, as well as any other collection of internship offers we could dig up. The list comes from submissions (see “Methodology” below) from kids who have received offers at companies like Uber, Palantir, LinkedIn, etc. We’ve scrubbed the list clean and built an interactive for your masochistic pleasure. Read More

Expert Thoughts

5 Celebrities I Met While Interning at Rap Genius


Earlier this year, I took a leave of absence from college to go work for the cofounder of Rap Genius, Mahbod Moghadam. I lived with him in his house — the “Rap Genius Mansion,” I started calling it — in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, for a month.

There are a lot of negative misconceptions about Rap Genius, but there’s a reason why they have a $15 million Series A investment and the backing of some of the biggest names in the game. They’ve done an incredible job of putting together a collection of the most passionate, talented startup people that I’ve ever been around. Seeing the way that its three cofounders — Tom Lehman, Ilan Zechory, and Mahbod — moved helped me learn in a way that college never could. This is a very serious company with a very bright future ahead of them, and I was incredibly fortunate to be a small part of it. Read More

For the Love of God Think of the Interns

We Are Worried About LinkedIn’s Interns

Oh boy.

Ritual humiliation of the interns (by themselves or others) is pretty much a summer tradition at many offices across the country. But it seems that LinkedIn has taken the form to new heights.

Not only is there a four-year-running tradition of interns “disrupting” the regular company all-hands for “a surprise flash mob performance,” but this caper is then filmed and uploaded to YouTube, where it can live forever to be mocked by the dregs of the Internet (a.k.a. YouTube commenters). This year’s installment opens with the Dublin office, which made some poor Russian kid sing “Galway Girl,” which seems awfully on-the-nose, right? Read More

Broing Out

Report: Google Interns Annoy Neighbors With Raucous Parties, Late-Night Hot Tub Sessions

"Did someone say hot tub?" (Photo: Getty)

For most of the world, a college internship is comprised of coffee runs, stapling, a boring commute and zero pay. But if you’re a Google intern, your summer may look more like a season of “Jersey Shore,” according to a report from Daily Intelligencer.

Google not only pays its interns, but also provides them with a place to live — namely, the Crescent Village apartment complex in North San Jose, Calif. There, the college students enjoy swimming pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, a gaming room and a 23-seat movie theater.  Read More

Kids Today

Man, Microsoft Interns Are Really, Really Excited About Their Jobs

More like Steve "Baller," are we right? (

Hang on to anything long enough, and it’ll eventually become cool again. Prominent illustrations include bell-bottoms, 70s stadium rock, and, apparently, Microsoft. Reuters talked to some of Microsoft’s 1,500 (!!) summer interns, and man, these kids are psyched. One straight-up says, “Microsoft feels cool again.” Also, they really seem to believe in the company:

Microsoft’s keen new interns already think their competitors’ days are numbered, branding Google and Facebook as “creepy” because of their aggressive stance on privacy and heavy reliance on advertising.

“What kind of business model is that, shoving ads in peoples’ faces?” said one Microsoft intern, who asked not to be named.

Well, you know what this means: Time to GET ON YOUR FEET! Read More


Oops: Boxee Says Unimpressive Numbers Were Just A Twitter Fail

Boxee bought?

So how’s that cordcutting revolution coming? In a post yesterday, GigaOm’s Janko Roettgers pointed out an @Boxee tweet with some less-than-stellar figures. Replying to a question regarding active users, the company revealed they’re at 2 million total users–only 200,000 of them Boxee Box users. If true, that would leave an awful lot of people holding onto that discontinued PC client.

Only it’s not true, as those numbers are apparently outdated. Upon reaching out for a comment, Betabeat was informed by Boxee’s Liz Dellheim via email that it was all the intern’s fault: Read More