Visiting Dignitaries

Goop Proprietor Gwyneth Paltrow Says the Internet Is ‘Really Upsetting’

"Internet is weird" - Goop. (Photo: Flickr)

You know who isn’t the biggest fan of the World Wide Web? Website owner, Aol host and app developer Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Duchess of Goop told E! News that the Internet is a cause of concern at her house because of all the weird things daughter Apple can see on it. It’s a freighting place, she said, like sitting through a viewing of View from the Top scary. Anyway, she sung the praises of her “super-smart” daughter for constant inquiries about normal childlike things, such as the sun, devil and renewable energy.  Read More

They See Me Trollin'

Anonymous Cop Argues That Anonymous Trolls Should Be Thrown in Jail

(Photo: Blogspot)

“First off, I am not talking about those silly wild haired dolls with jewels in their belly buttons,” begins the most recent installment of the regular Ask a Cop column, published to Utah’s KSL News website. This week’s topic of conversation isn’t the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street or how to circumvent marijuana laws: it’s a long, angsty missive about the scourge of online trolling. Read More

Internet Is the International Language

20 Percent of Americans Don’t Use the Internet

Experts. (Photo:

If you had to guess how many people were disconnected from the Internet, you would probably think it’s fewer than five percent. But according to the New York Timesthe figure is staggering: around 20 percent of Americans aren’t connected to the Internet and don’t access it at work, home, school or even on a mobile device.

Despite a $7 billion effort from the Obama administration to beef up Internet access in underdeveloped parts of the country, 60 million people are still disconnected, prompting fears that they will be isolated from accessing vital information (like online education) or not even be eligible for jobs. Read More

The Russians

A Russian Politician Wants to Ban Swearing Online, Because It’s Not Like They Have Anything Else Going On

Graffiti can stay. (Photo: Flickr)

Hate-tweeting in Russia might soon become nearly impossible if one politician has her way. Yelena Mizulina, the chairwoman of Committee on Family, Women and Children, is pushing forward an initiative that if posts, messages and even websites contain naughty language, they would be blocked within 24 hours if the words aren’t immediately deleted. That sounds easy enough. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Hey, Haters: Mary Louise Parker Plans to Quit Acting Because of the Internet’s ‘Bitchiness’


Rule number one of trolls: don’t feed them.

Weeds star Mary Louise Parker seems to have missed that memo. In an interview with News Corps Australia, the actress said that the Internet’s penchant for “bitchiness” and “meanness” has made her want to quit acting. All of those nasty comments, all of those self-loathing anons attacking her character: it’s simply too much for her. Read More