My Little Pony Roleplay Happens On Twitter. We Blame the Heat Wave.

"You are not going to believe this." (Photo:

Oh dear. We’re not entirely sure how to break this to all of you, so we’ll just come right out and say it: We’ve stumbled upon evidence of two My Little Pony enthusiasts basically cybering, on Twitter, via @reply. Yeah.

The first person to notice this little mid-afternoon tryst was Twitter user Stefan, a.k.a. @boring_as_heck, a.k.a. the mind behind the Tumblr Old People Writing On a¬†Restaurant’s¬†Facebook Page, who began retweeting every single update. Others quickly caught on, jumping into the fray with all kinds of nasty remarks directed at poor Angel Wings.

Guys, her name is Angel Wings. Cut her some slack.

Naturally, in the interests of Internet anthropology, we’ve collected a few of the most priceless exchanges: Read More