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Leader in IMAGiNE Piracy Ring Receives Longest Sentence Yet For Movie Piracy

Information freedom view of piracy explained. (Memerial.net)

Portsmouth, Virginia resident Jeramiah Perkins may have just received the longest prison sentence yet for movie piracy. Mr. Perkins, age 40, was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for leading IMAGiNE, a movie piracy ring with a reputation for often being the first to leak newly-released flicks on the Internet.

A press release from the Department of Justice states that once Mr. Perkins leaves prison he will serve three years on supervised release and pay $15,000 in restitution. Read More


Anonymous Now Has Anontune, Its Own Social Music Platform

(via YouTube.com)

The relationship between Anonymous and the recording industry could not be described as copacetic. Nor is this likely to improve things: Wired reports that a band of affiliated coders is building its own open social music platform. Naturally, it is named Anontune.

This is just the latest in a series of sites and applications built either by Anonymous or by coders claiming to represent Anonymous. Last month it was an OS; yesterday came word of AnonPaste, an alternative to text-sharing site Pastebin. Just this morning, social networking alternative Anonybook accidentally sent a boob shot to Gawker. Read More


Drizzy Drake’s Mastery of Internet Album-Leak Diplomacy


So: a music artist–say, the most famous half-Jewish, half-black, all-Canadian former DeGrassi star (who also happens to be really, really good friends with Lil’ Wayne) in the universe—spends all kinds of time working on the follow-up to his major label debut, which was widely perceived to be an ambitious-yet-rushed effort to capitalize on his quickly rising fame. Fans eagerly await the new album as singles trickle out and release dates get pushed back. Finally, after months of hot-and-heavy press anticipation, the album is unleashed onto the public…via a leaked copy on the internet, over a week ahead of time. Read More