Booting Up: The $233,000 Beyonce Torrent Lawsuit

Do not steal form her. (Photo: Necole Betchie)

Well look who’s scroogling screwing people now. The European Union has fined Microsoft $731 million for violating its promise to offer consumers a choice of web browser. Probably because when given a choice, no one will pick Internet Explorer. [Reuters]

Facebook plans to announce better ways to filter News Feed content at tomorrow’s big press event, including being able to view just Instagram photos. Photos will also appear larger for posts and, of course, ads. [TechCrunch]

What happens when you share Beyonce files on BitTorrent? Sony smacks you with a $233,000 damages lawsuit. That’s what you get for stealing from Queen Bey, we suppose. [TorrentFreak]

The FBI is secretly spying on some Google users, though because of national security, Google can only give an estimate of how many accounts have been tapped. [Wired]

JFK employees reportedly saw a drone aircraft flying around yesterday, and now the FBI wants your help tracking it. [Motherboard]

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Sorry, Microsoft: It’s Going to Take More than a Game of Pogs to Make Us Download IE

Our mom didn't let us wear that kind of nail polish in the 90s. (Photo: screencap.)

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft: The company just won’t give up on its quest to make everyone reconsider their dismissiveness re: Internet Explorer.

When last we checked in with the IE marketing team, they were attempting to convince us that dorky haters were responsible for browser’s bad reputation. Guess that didn’t exactly work out to be the Geico Gecko, because today they’ve released another commercial, and it’s basically BuzzFeed’s nostalgia-peddling Rewind vertical, deployed to promote IE. Read More


Microsoft Pretends Its a Perception Problem: Nerd Haters Are the Reason No One Likes IE

Dream on, guys. (Screencap)

Microsoft is still plugging away, trying to convince us all to return to the bosom of Internet Explorer. Their latest volley in the company’s ongoing campaign: An almost 2-minute-long video chronicling a stereotypical nerd’s journey from hating on the world’s least cool browser to finally accepting that it is the greatest.

If only Internet Explorer’s perception problems were that Read More