Booting Up: #Underboob Is Now Researchable On Instagram

Ruined everything. (Photo: Apple)

Buoyed by strong iPhone sales, Apple reported a $7.5 billion profit on $37.5 billion of revenue in the fourth quarter. [TechCrunch]

Instagram has un-banned racy hashtags #thinspo, #underboob and #dildo. Sadly, #pen1s still appears to be blocked. [The Data Pack]

One Kings Lane is rolling out its own in-house line of bedding and towels. A shower curtain will set you back $69. [Wall Street Journal]

Google Glass owners will be available to swap out their current devices for a newer version, which now fits over prescription lenses. Also, you can invite three friends to the Explorer program. [Ars Technica]

There’s a “Social Media All Stars” event at Disneyland and Grumpy Cat will be there, so avoid the area on Nov. 5. [Laughing Squid]

Jesus died for our selfies

New Selfie App Will Be Your New Fave Or Your Worst Nightmare

It doesn't count as a funny face if it's still cute. (Photo:

Conventional wisdom dictates that everyone hates selfies. You have to roll your eyes when your high school frenemy pops up, mugging adorably, in an Instagram pic with some terrible “dance like no one’s watching” caption.

But people keep posting them, and liking them, and commenting on them, despite widespread kvetching about the selfie phenomenon. Like pumpkin spice lattes or the Kardashians, selfies are too popular to really be as reviled as we like to pretend they are. Read More


Booting Up: Netflix Might Make Original Movies, Just Don’t Suggest Community

Man with the plan. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Windows phones used to be the last reprieve from brunch photos, but not so much anymore: an Instagram app will soon be released. [The Verge]

Netflix had itself a nice third quarter. Its subscriber base pushed past HBO’s with 31 million, the company raked in $1.1 billion in revenue and is mulling the idea of expanding into original moves. [Variety]

eBay is a hotbed for other tech companies looking to poach a well-trained CFO. [Wall Street Journal]

Speaking of both of those things, former Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy has decamped to mysterious startup Clinkle for a COO spot. [GigaOM]

Somehow, five million people downloaded BlackBerry’s BBM app yesterday so that’s neat. [CNet]

Antisocial Media

Celeb ‘Instassistant’ Has to Be the Most Stressful Fake Job of the 21st Century

Rihanna and her "Instassistant" Melissa Forde in an Instagram pic. (

We civilians are insufferable enough when it comes to having our picture taken for Instagram: “not that one, my face looks fat”; “try again so I can tilt my left cheekbone about 45 degrees east”; “did you get my shoes? I don’t know why you keep not getting my shoes.”

So imagine the psychological trauma inflicted when a famous person–a person whose pictures actually matter–uses Instagram. It happens, and real people are affected. Phoebe Luckhurst of the Standard has coined a term for the sad person stuck taking famous people’s Instagram pics: the “Instassistant.” Read More

your health

Incessant Instagram Brunch Pics May Help You Lose Weight

You can edit this photo of an omelet EVEN MORE. (Screengrab via Instagram)

If you avoid Instagram on Sunday afternoons due to the endless stream of mimosa-and-omelet photos it yields, you may be missing an opportunity for weight loss.

A BYU study found that maybe, just maybe, “seeing photos of certain foods, as opposed to eating them, still gives you a feeling of satiation, which makes those foods less appealing” when you go to stuff them in your face IRL, TechCrunch reports. Read More


Booting Up: BlackBerry Canceled Its Earnings Call But We Already Knew the Numbers Were Bad

Never going to die. (Photo:

Quarterly results for BlackBerry are due out Friday and since they’re expecting it to be “gruesome,” it’s probably in the company’s best interest to just cancel the earnings call. [AllThingsD]

Instagram revamped its app to make it iOS7 friendly. Photos of brunch now stretch across the screen and user icons are now rounded. [The Verge]

Farhad Manjoo is really worried that Twitter is going to lose its weirdness as it pushes toward an IPO. [Wall Street Journal]

Twitter is doubling the size of its Irish office. [Independent]

The value of iPhone’s annual haul (nearly $90 billion) would make it the ninth-biggest stock in the Dow 30. Numbers are fun! [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]