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2 Chainz Is Turning His Penchant for Instagramming Food Into a Cookbook Called #MEALTIME

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Throw out your Ina Garten cookbooks, because you won’t be needing them anymore.

Hiphop DX reports that rapper and SEO specialist 2 Chainz, née Tity Boi, plans to include a digital cookbook titled #MEALTIME with purchases of his latest release, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. 

Included are healthy-ish recipes for crab cakes with mango salsa and beer-steamed snow crab legs. (He doesn’t eat beef or pork.) Hopefully there’s a good one for yams, except not that kind of yamsRead More


Booting Up: Instagram Is Soon Going to Be Inundated With Ads

150 million of these people! (Photo: Hashgram)

150 million people are using Instagram each month, with about half of those photos being a cocktail pressed against a sunset. Now the app is seeking advertisers to capitalize off it. [Wall Street Journal]

Spotify lost $177 million last year so of course the streaming service thinks it’s worth a $5.27 billion valuation. [Billboard]

Could millennial’s relationship with Tinder be on the rocks? Usage of the app from people aged 18 to 24 decreased 20 percent since the beginning of the year. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Everyone can shut up about Amazon releasing a free smartphone because it’s not happening. *side eye* [The Verge]

Michael Wolff <3′s Kara Swisher. [USA Today]

Antisocial Media

Celebrate Labor Day by Cyber-Stalking Your Ex With This Handy New Program

Being mean. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have offered users the ability to tag their locations with each new post for a while now–and one group of researchers has created a tool that will allow people to use that information to their advantage by stalking the shit out of friends and arch nemeses alike.

The researchers say the point of the “Ready or Not” program is to point out to #teens that, duh dummies, people can read your geotags and follow you around simply by entering your username into an online program, according to Gigaom. Read More

Crime and Punishment

NYPD Busts Rapper Who Boasted About His Illegal Guns on Instagram and YouTube

The evidence. (Photo: NYPD)

You don’t get the feeling that when up-and-coming rapper Matthew Best was choosing the Rise filter for his pictures of illegally smuggled assault weapons, he fully intended on receiving anything more than a few faves. His social media trail assisted the New York Police Department yesterday in its biggest gun bust ever that led to the seizure of 250 firearms and 19 arrests. Read More


Booting Up: Feds Seized $2.9M from Mt. Gox’s Dwolla Account

Oops. (Photo: Round Rock Offices)

When the Department of Homeland Security seized the funds from Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox’s Dwolla account, we were unsure just how much was taken; now, according to court documents, that number totaled $2.9 million. [Gigaom]

Yesterday Twitter added “related headlines” to tweets, and everyone momentarily freaked out. [PandoDaily]

If you’re building an app that connects to Instagram, better not put “Insta” or “gram” in the title or else you’re gonna have a bad time. [Techcrunch]

Internet citizens, typically reasoned and level-headed when it comes to these sorts of things, freaked the fuck out yesterday when Amazon temporarily went down. [Fast Company]

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S achieved the highest safety rating of any car. Ever. We like to imagine Mr. Musk celebrating with a lavish party on Mars. [Tesla]

instagram that shit

Heroin-Glorifying Instagrams Force Us to Retract All Previous Complaints About Brunch Photos


Ugh—this is so bad, it makes us want to take back all the disapproving things we’ve ever said about brunch on Instagram. We’d happily take another 149 pics of Hollondaise sauce than this Instagram discovery via Motherboard, wherein heroin addicts and other users share photos of their drug habits under tags like #nodsquad, #shootingup and #junkiesofig.

Really puts our irritation with filter-y snaps of eggs Benedict in perspective. Read More