Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn Are Most Likely 30-Something Stanford Grads From San Francisco


LinkedIn put out an infographic today attempting to “sequence the startup DNA” based on analyzing tens of thousands of startup founders culled from more than 120 million public profiles from professional networking service.

Based on their findings, the popular notion that the startup life is for the young may be a myth. “Our data shows that 65% of entrepreneurs are 30 and older – and only 2% are serial entrepreneurs,” LinkedIn’s Monica Rogati writes on the company blog. Of course, that’s a self-selecting population of the type of people that use LinkedIn. And as we were reminded during Zerply’s presentation at the 500 Startups demo last night, 120 million people is a small fraction compared to Facebook’s whopping 750 million members. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

It’s Cheaper for Engineers to Live Well In New York City vs. the Valley

NY night

The folks at Focus have put together a handy infographic about earning potential in Silicon Valley where the number of jobs at internet companies (currently clocking in at 48,000) has surpassed the excesses of the dotcom boom. As Business Insider points out, the salaries listed (product and marketing managers make more than web developers and software engineers; Google engineers make more than those at Facebook and Twitter), don’t account for stock-based compensation.

But the chart does delve into cost of living, typically an area where New York City loses out, although apparently not compared to the Valley. Read More