Klout Me Over the Head

Klout Is Now Based on Science, So You Should Totes Take It Seriously, Okay?

Mr. Fernandez. (Photo: Twitter)

Today Klout debuted a sweeping revamp, meant to make that pesky social media score more accurate and their methods of calculation more transparent. That’s right: No more excuses for your underwhelming score, pal.

The new and improved Klout Score now factors in 300 new signals (as opposed to 100, previously). New metrics include various actions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites. Wikipedia has also been incorporated into the score, which is important, because it allows someone like Barack Obama to rank higher than Justin Bieber, thereby making us all feel much better about the state of social media and America more generally.

Another new feature, aptly dubbed “moments,” allows you to track the most important incidents in your social media history, so maybe now you can figure out just what you did to become so influential on Fiber-Rich Vegetables and Humidifiers. That’ll also enable you to keep track of what your friends are up to, you cyberstalker.  Read More