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NYU Chemists Create Some Crazy Molecule We Don’t Understand

May some day lead to new forms of photo sharing.

There have been some rumblings recently in Silicon Alley that the city could use more diversity in its tech sector. About two thirds of venture dollars in New York flow into web and software plays. But right under our noses, some crazy cool science is going on. Like this molecular polyhedron, recently created by NYU chemist, whose unique shape might allow it trap other molecular species, which would mean we could use it to create some new materials, materials that might…actually we have no idea what they might do. Read More


Does New York Tech Need More (Industry) Diversity?

"You'll fund my mobile app? Terrific!"

With some big name IPOs getting off to a hot start, venture capital firms went all in on during the second quarter of 2011. New data from a MoneyTree report that pulled info from PriceWaterHouseCoopers, the NVCA and Reuters, found that VC funding jumped 18.7% in Q2, reaching its highest level since the 2008 economic crisis began.

Interestingly software was the leader in terms of dollars received. It beat out more capital intensive sectors with 25% market share ($1.5 billion), followed by biotech ($1.2 billion), medical devices/equipment ($840 million) and IT services ($763 million). Read More