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The U.S. Government is Annoyed That It Can’t Break Into Apple’s iMessage

(Photo via Flickr.)

The technology behind iMessage, Apple’s built-in chat service, is so complex that not even our nuclear-armed government can crack it. According to an internal memo issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and obtained by CNET, the government agency conceded that it can’t hack into the heavily encrypted software thus making it “impossible to intercept iMessages” between Apple devices. Read More

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A Shortlist of Everyone Steve Jobs Pissed Off Yesterday

via Huffington Post

Apple’s WWDC keynote address yesterday seemed like a study in Newton’s law: the tech version. For every glorified new product or feature announcement, there was an equal and opposite wave of anger and frustration from competitors who suddenly found themselves up against a behemoth that doesn’t play well with others–or from Apple developers who found themselves cast outside the walled garden. The piecemeal rollouts (glaring absent an iPhone 5 update) may not have seemed like much individually, but arrows were slung high and low, hitting companies big and small. Without further ado, here’s the angry mob Steve Jobs left in his wake. Read More