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Ikea Is Selling Solar Panels Because You Need to Heat Up Those Cinnamon Rolls Somehow

Loves green energy, (Photo: Ikea)

In a move sure to inspire the most infuriating direction packet in human history, Ikea is planning to sell solar panels at its British stores. The Swedish retailer, which is most commonly known for its ridiculously named coffee tables, is hoping to tap into the country’s burgeoning green energy market that apparently exists even though it’s always cloudy over there. Read More


What Flash Sales? Now Fab Wants to Be the Ikea of Design

Pre-announcement jitters.

Fab famously got traction once the cofounders pivoted from gay Yelp to design-focused flash-sales site. But now that flash sales are no longer the darling of the tech industry, Fab is moving on. Hence the company’s announcement at its kindergarten-like West Village HQ last night: “We’re going to do a little pivot again,” CEO Jason Goldberg announced.

“We’re redesigning Fab as the world’s number-one design store,” he said. “We’re going from flash sales to design store, and we’re going there in a really big way.”

That means a revamped website, products sold exclusively on Fab, brick-and-mortar stores, and the acquisition of a German company offering customizable furniture.  Read More