Buyer Beware

Bid for What Might or Might Not Be Google Glasses on Ebay, If You DARE

HMMMM. (Photo: screencap)

Guess we finally have an honest answer to the question posed by #IfIHadGlass. The Next Web reports that this very minute over at Ebay, bidding is climbing steadily upward on a product listing for what purports to be a pair of the futuristic specs. Someone who claims he was chosen as “an early adapter for Google’s upcoming release” says he’ll sell his pair (unopened and in the color of your choice) to the highest bidder.

The price has already skyrocketed from $1,500 to $15,900, proving once and for all that some people have far more money than patience or common sense.

Come on, folks: Do you really want to pull the hardware equivalent of buying a tragically busted knock-off wedding dress? This is basic stuff, like how you shouldn’t spend $200 on an “iPad” at a gas station that’s actually just a mirror. Read More