Twitter War

Social Media Companies Have Absolutely No Idea How to Handle the Gaza Conflict

(Screencap: Twitter)

After announcing their intention to attack Hamas on Twitter, the Israeli Defense Force began military operations in Gaza yesterday. The Alqassam Brigades, Hamas’s military arm, also has a Twitter account, and the two have been engaging in a sparring match on the platform that elevates typically meaningless Twitter tiffs into the stuff of WWIII nightmares.

Aside from updating their followers on the death toll and the status of military strikes, both accounts have tweeted photos of children (warning: both links are graphic) injured or killed in the conflict. The IDF is letting no social media channel go untouched. They’ve been uploading photos of their operations to Flickr and Pinterest and publishing status updates to their official Facebook page. They also just started a Tumblr account that is littered with pro-Israel propaganda, including a photo showing a cartoon of an Israeli family in the crosshairs of a Hamas target with the message “Israeli civilians are Hamas’s target.” Read More

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Anonymous Launches #OPIsrael in Response to Israel’s Live-Tweeted Attack on Gaza


Yesterday, the Israeli Defense Force announced on Twitter it would begin military operations on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Though social media has long been used as a tool of dissent that can help foment revolution, declaring war on Twitter is a first, and it’s a move that raises serious questions about war and propaganda in the age of the internet. Now Anonymous, the loose collective of hacktivists, has set its sights on the IDF, launching #OPIsrael in response to the country’s decision to shut down internet service in Gaza. Read More

Twitter War

Strange Twitter First: Israel’s IDF Tweets Announcement of Military Operation Against Hamas

The IDF's Twitter banner. (Screengrab)

In what is surely a weird moment for Twitter, bastion of cat-fights between tech bloggers and hashtag memes entirely devoted to stupid crap people do when they drink, Israel’s Defense Forces today announced a major operation against Hamas. As Fast Company noted, this “was the first confirmation made to the media of an official military campaign” via Twitter.

The IDF’s announcement is serious business. The tweets speak for themselves: Read More