Booting Up: Minister of Propaganda Edition

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Wikipedia is bleeding admins. Why? The vetting process for becoming one “is basically a hazing ritual at this point.” [The Atlantic]

Poor Microsoft. The unveiling of its newest Office suite yesterday was totally overshadowed by Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer coup. We think we can hear Steve Ballmer throwing chairs from here. [Microsoft]

At a Fortune conference in Aspen, Peter Thiel called Eric Schmidt Google’s “minister of propaganda.” Fight! Fight! Fight! [Fortune]

LinkedIn got a much-needed UI makeover, and it looks a hell of a lot like Google+. [LinkedIn Blog]

No one knows what iCloud is. [Buzzfeed]

Oh good, another Hacker News Alley vs. Valley flamewar. [Hacker News]

The Tao of Steve

How Do You Like Dem Lawsuits, Apple?


New York Publisher John T. Colby filed a lawsuit against Apple in federal court in Manhattan today for trademark infringement over the use of “iBooks.” Colby’s suit alleges that in 2006 and 2007, he purchased assets owned by another New York publisher, Bryon Preiss, who had published more than 1,000 hardcover and paperback books under the “ibooks” name starting in September 1999.

Apple does have a trademark on “IBOOK,” but according to the suit, it only applies to computers. (Apple once sold a PC known as the “iBook). Colby alleges that Apple didn’t use the term to apply e-books or a means of delivering e-books until the iPad debuted last year. If Apple starts applying it to e-books and apps, the suit says it will render Colby’s trademark worthless. But that’s not the only trademark suit Apple got smacked with this week. Read More

Tao of Steve

A Shortlist of Everyone Steve Jobs Pissed Off Yesterday

via Huffington Post

Apple’s WWDC keynote address yesterday seemed like a study in Newton’s law: the tech version. For every glorified new product or feature announcement, there was an equal and opposite wave of anger and frustration from competitors who suddenly found themselves up against a behemoth that doesn’t play well with others–or from Apple developers who found themselves cast outside the walled garden. The piecemeal rollouts (glaring absent an iPhone 5 update) may not have seemed like much individually, but arrows were slung high and low, hitting companies big and small. Without further ado, here’s the angry mob Steve Jobs left in his wake. Read More