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Ben Huh: SOPA Will Be the Big Topic at ROFLCon

Mr. Huh (

Ben Huh, the CEO of Seattle-based Cheezburger Network, stood in the lobby of the Le Parker Meridien hotel on W. 56th St. peering into his phone as he uploaded a photo of a soggy Central Park snapped from the view outside the elevator. “All my friends have switched to Path,” he told Betabeat, pulling to refresh. “Twitter just has too much noise.”

Mr. Huh was in New York for a charity gala and a few business meetings on his way to the third bi-annual ROFLCon. ROFLCon is a Boston conference for “people at the center of memes and people who make their living from Internet culture, and people who are just fans,” as Mr. Huh described it. The conference consists of two days of talks and panels about subjects like GIFs, webcomics, supercuts and “lulz.” Read More