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Foursquare Hires Ad Man As Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Rosenblatt. (

Go back to your lives, citizens! The markets are now closed, and so we can all quit talking about Facebook for at least a couple of hours. Instead, let’s turn our attention back to another white-hot one-day IPO candidate attempting to monetize: Foursquare.

Ad Age reports that, on the heels of that paid media platform and those personalized coupons, the company has hired Steven Rosenblatt (already a consultant) as chief revenue officer. Previously he was director of ad sales and strategy at iAd and before that, SVP ad sales at Quattro Wireless, which pretty much cements our expectations, monetization-wise.  Read More

Ad Venture

Turns Out the Pricey Walled Garden Approach Doesn’t Work with Mobile Ads, But Don’t Count iAd Out Just Yet


When Steve Jobs launched iAd last July, the idea was to provide a mobile advertising platform that took its cues more from television advertising than online advertising, which he deemed “irritating.” As with all things Apple, iAd only works within the walled garden—selling ads within apps on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Advertisers would pay a premium, but could expect an advertising experience perfectly built for its environment.

According to information from the research firm IDC, however, the sales strategy that works so well to sell Apple devices hasn’t necessarily paid off in the case of Apple’s attempt to dominate mobile ad sales. Read More

Walled Gardens

Mobile Advertisers Cry Foul Over iOS5 Changes That Favor Apple’s iAd Network

Every Apple Has Its Thorns

The average user may not have noticed some changes to Apple’s UDID, but with iOS 5 the company has closed off a valuable source of information for independent mobile ad networks. “A lot of people are scrambling to find alternatives,” says Giancarlo Maniaci, the CEO of TapIt. “The UDID allowed people to track what apps a user had installed and give our clients a sense of how well their campaigns were working. Now Apple is the only one who can offer that.” Read More

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Facebook Plans to Schmooze Advertisers With Its Madison Avenue Startup Decor

This guy's not reading your texts. They promise.

Brush up on your ping-pong skills, advertisers, you’re about to get to get the Silicon Valley treatment.

With Advertising Week poised to take New York City, the New York Times reports that the sales and marketing teams of internet behemoths like Yahoo, Google, Apple, and yes Facebook are poised to make good on their Manhattan real estate investments. Although Twitter’s new Madison Avenue digs somehow don’t warrant a mention.

Rather than flying big brands out to the West Coast, they’ve set up shop in the Flatiron (Apple’s new iAd division), Times Square (Yahoo’s new digs), Madison Avenue (Facebook and Twitter are new neighbors), and don’t forget the Googleplex East on Eighth. Read More

Wither the Web?

Medialets Goes Beyond the App With Rich Media Ads on the Mobile Web

A Medialets streaming ad inside the NY Times app.

When Betabeat last wrote about Medialets, we highlighted the fact that they offered rich media solutions through HTML5, meaning advertisers didn’t have to worry about tweaking their campaign for Apple versus Android versus RIM. This had helped Medialets to score clients like The New York Times and The Daily, which despite being in bed with Apple during its creation, chose Medialets over iAd for their rich media needs.

Today Medialets announced it would begin offering the same services for the mobile web. “We didn’t go into mobile web first, even though there was audience, because the browser wasn’t ready,” Eric Litman, CEO of Medialets, told Betabeat by phone this morning. “But Apple and Google have been doing a ton of work on this, to the point where the mobile browser can support things like location or an accelerometer.” Read More