Oh the Humanities

If You Want a Job You Should Major in Drama, Not Tech

How else do you expect to find friends like this?

Did you think your generic tech degree was going to be useful? Not so fast — it appears the tides have turned and theatre majors are, for some strange reason, getting jobs more easily than tech students are.

Among recent theatre grads, 6.4 percent are unemployed — compared to the 14.7 percent of information systems graduates who are unable to find work, USA Today reports, giving credence to some professors’ recent claim that liberal arts degrees are totes useful. Read More

Oh the Humanities

You Don’t Need a Tech Degree To Be a Productive Member of Society, Liberal Arts Professors Swear


For a young humanities major, it can feel like everyone from Barack Obama to your Uncle Bob is denouncing your choice of academic field. What will you ever do, they ask, with that degree in history, Russian literature, the classics or, worst of all, communications?

Millennials are supposed to be picking STEM majors that will enable the U.S. to compete with China and India, the-powers-that-be insist. But to fight humanities-phobia (and presumably save their own jobs), a national group of so-called “master teachers” is about to issue a report requesting increased support for liberal arts subjects, according to theĀ New York Times. Read More