Booting Up: Gilt Groupe Might Be Going Public Later This Year

Soon. (Photo: Netflix)

Gilt Groupe is rumored to (finally) go public in the third quarter of this year. “The company is in a good place and the market is a good place,” said a source. [Recode]

How funny is HLN’s pivot in becoming the “first TV home for the social media generation”? [LostRemote]

Netflix created House of Cards Against Humanity, a set of “inappropriate” cards, to promote the show’s second season. [Verge]

Hulu announced it’s adding several CBS classics, like Happy Days and The Brady Bunch, and newer programs such as Everybody Loves Raymond to its platform soon. [Engadget]

“Instead of bridging the gap between social news and real news, Paper’s creators unintentionally highlighted it.” [Forbes]


Booting Up: The Netflix Home Screen Doesn’t Look Ugly Anymore

The New Netflix. (Photo: Provided)

Quirky, a startup that builds moderately useful gadgets based on community feedback, raised $79 million in Series D funding with $30 of it coming from GE. [AllThingsD]

Open Netflix today and it’s going to look different. The company redesigned its home screen with heavier emphasis on images and personalized descriptions. [USA Today]

Hulu to cable operators: Include me! It’s reportedly in early talks with pay-TV companies to be included on to set-top boxes. [WSJ]

Here is a headline: “Google Is Bigger Than Both The Magazine And Newspaper Industries.” [Business Insider]

Start your guessing now of who is going to star in the impending Temple Run movie. [THR]


Booting Up: Not Even Benedict Cumberbatch’s Fandom Can Save The Fifth Estate From Bombing

Going to bomb. (Photo: Walt Disney)

We live in a world where Google’s whopping third-quarter revenue of $15 billion is considered “satisfactory.” [Forbes]

This year, 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile–up from 25 percent in 2012. [TechCrunch]

Hulu made the worst kept secret that former Fox exec Mike Hopkins is its new CEO official yesterday. [The Verge]

Netflix is experimenting with DVD-like extras for its original programs. Get excited for that Orange is the New Black blooper reel! [Engadget]

The Fifth Estate, that riveting moving about Wikileaks, is unlikely to rake in more than $5 million this weekend. “It’s pretty scary at this point,” said one analyst. [Variety]


Booting Up: Hulu Is Close to Picking Its Second New CEO In a Year

Not the new CEO. (Photo: Hulu)

Hulu is close to selecting 21st Century Fox exec Mike Hopkins as its new supreme leader. [AllThingsD]

“Investors are showing increasing hunger for initial public offerings of unprofitable technology companies,” because that doesn’t sound like a sign of a bubble or anything. [Wall Street Journal]

The Google TV brand is being eliminated. [The Verge]

Y Combinator is opening a San Francisco outpost. [TechCrunch]

For the twentieth time this year, Facebook is screwing with your privacy settings. [Business Insider]


Booting Up: Hulu’s Bidders Down to 3, Russian Rocket Falls Out of Space

He's not included. (Photo: Hulu)

Hulu’s suitors are down to three: DirecTV wants all of it, AT&T is partnering with Chernin Entertainment for a bid, and Time Warner has offered to purchase a minority stake. A finalized sale is expected within the next few weeks. [AllThingsD]

Foxconn is reportedly staffing up its factories for the next-gen iPhone if you’re still looking for a summer job. [CNET]

“Apple App Store marks 5 years of app-ortunity” is a real headline today. [USA Today]

Google Maps for Android gets completely revamped today with a new user interface, infused with Zagat reviews and real-time traffic reports. [TechCrunch]

A Russian rocket only lasted 34 seconds until it exploded in the air because somebody installed some of its parts “upside down” so your Ikea furniture sounds pretty sturdy right now. [Ars Technica]


Booting Up: It Was All a Dream, I Used to Read Word Up Magazine


Is Vine going to run into the same legal headaches as early hip hop? [GigaOm]

Searching for a framework to explain the conflict between wearable tech pros and opponents, Nick Bilton went with Dr. Seuss. [New York Times]

“They want teenage kids posting up all the stupid duck face photos that they litter Instagram and Facebook with. Because those teen kids, are ad revenue.” [Infinite Hollywood]

Speaking of Yahoo: The company has bid somewhere between $600 and $800 million for Hulu, because Marissa Mayer’s apparently got money burning a hole in her pocket. [AllThingsD]

The Internship is weird. “Google needs that now. This movie could help keep them out of the penalty box a little while longer.” [L.A. Times]


Booting Up: Brace for Social’s Invasion of Netflix


Don’t be alarmed, but it’s very possible you wasted money on that smart TV. [PC Mag]

Companies might be reconsidering Amazon Web Services, after one outage too many. [Wall Street Journal]

Netflix is preparing to roll out new social features, like the ability to share what you’ve watched (if you want) through the company’s Facebook app. So you’d better finish watching every available episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” on the double quick. [TPM]

Doesn’t look like Poke is going to dethrone Snapchat juuust yet. [GigaOm]

Speaking of online video: is Hulu about to lose a lot of employees? [AllThingsD]

We hope you didn’t bet any serious money on the new version of Myspace turning the old girl around. [The Verge]