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Hooray! AOL Finally Finding Its Way

yay aol free internet disk

I am so excited for AOL! This is a company has not always had an easy time. First, its big merger with Time Warner fell apart because of circumstances completely beyond its control–I mean, accounting standards for internet businesses were still being established–and now all its dial-up customers are literally dying. The loss of so many grandmas all at once must be devastating. I totally support Tim Artmstrong and his efforts to turn this company around! Read More


AOL to Movie Writers: You’re Fired, But We’d Love It If You Write for Free

aol email

Until this morning, it wasn’t clear what would happen to freelance writers for AOL properties Moviefone and Cinematical in the wake of the Huffington Post takeover of the editorial side of the company–especially since editor-in-chief Erik Davis just resigned. But an email sent this morning, Subject: Moviefone/Cinematical – Status of Writers, somewhat cleared things up!  Read More