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Onswipe Announces Its First Hackathon, Encouraging Devs to ‘Hack Their Way to HTML5 Glory’

(Photo: Eventbrite)

Hey you, what are you doing next weekend? Would you like to flex your HTML 5 and Javascript skills with the potential to win some sweet prizes? If the answer is yes, Onswipe has a hackathon for you! If the answer is no, what’s your problem anyway?

On October 19th, Onswipe is holding its first ever 48-hour hackathon at the company’s Union Square-based HQ. The startup assures us, in bolded font, that there will be beer. The theme of the hackathon is HTML5–unsurprising given Onswipe’s own underlying code infrastructure. Read More

Summer Fun

Use fontBomb to Blow Up Text on the Sites You Hate Most

Betabeat gets fontBombed.

It’s pretty rare that a “Show HN” post actually makes it to the top of the front page of Hacker News, as a lot of them are just half-baked startup ideas. Not so with fontBomb, a delightfully fun plugin that lets you blow up the text on your favorite (or least favorite) websites.

fontBomb is an HTML 5 plugin by Canadian programmer Philippe-Antoine Lehoux. As one commenter put it, “So awesome. Spent 10 min blowing the hell out of hn. Now instead of raging against trolls I can simply blow them up.” Read More

Apple/Publisher Smackdown

FT says FU to Apple, Builds HTML5 App

ft app

Tension has been building for some time between Apple and big publishers, who aren’t keen on cutting Cupertino in to the tune of 30% for all subscriptions sold on iOS.

The Financial Times released a HTML5-based web app that works exactly like something users would purchase in the iTunes store. It’s the first move by Read More


Touch Bit.ly Easier to Use than Regular Bit.ly

Source; http://blog.bit.ly

Bit.ly has finally launched a mobile version of its basic URL shortener last week. Other than the slight inconvenience of navigating to a website rather than opening an app, the process of shortening a link is painless–which should be refreshing for anyone who’s ever tried to clunkily use the full site from a mobile browser. It’s actually superior to using the site with a mouse and a desktop browser, we’d argue; The Next Web called it “app-like!” Read More