Booting Up: Twitter Has a PAC and Here Comes the Hyperloop

(Photo: HTC)

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop plans are due to drop today. [BBC]

Twitter has hired a lobbyist and formed a PAC. [Washington Post]

LAX is the most checked-in place on Facebook. Airports dominate the top 10, except for Disneyland (no. 7) and Times Square (no. 10), which is no surprise to anyone trying to cross 42nd Street. [Skift]

God bless HTC’s marketing department for thinking an ad campaign starring Robert Downey Jr. and a cat can pull the company out of its nosedive. [Engadget]

“Can the Minerva Project do to Ivy League universities what Amazon did to Borders?” Keep dreaming. [Wall Street Journal]

Here’s audio of Tim Armstrong seemingly firing a man for taking his picture mid-layoffs. [Romenesko]


Booting Up: FAA Might Finally Let You Text During Takeoffs and Landings

Us on a plane.

Oops! According to leaked documents, the U.S. government’s NSA program is keeping “inadvertently acquired” data on us for years.[Verge]

Microsoft has ditched plans to create an e-commerce site akin to Amazon or eBay. Maybe you guys should focus on getting just one of your products right before you expand? [Business Insider]

It’s just going to take 90 seconds to recharge a Tesla–faster than getting a refill done at your dirty, old gas pump. [Engadget]

Today in celebrity endorsement deals: HTC has reportedly signed Robert Downey Jr. for a $12 million ad campaign. [Bloomberg]

Alec Baldwin must be so relieved that the FAA is looking to relax its strict (and possibly outdated?) gadget rules on flights. [MarketWatch]


Apple Wins Patent Ruling Against HTC, HTC is All Like ‘Doesn’t Matter, We’re Still Awesome, LOL’


Apple is protective over their patents. You could imagine why. You could also imagine that, given the opportunity to accuse one of their largest competitors of infringing upon their patents, that they would seize upon it. That happened, and of course, they did. And today, they won, and HTC’s patent-violating phones will be banned from being imported starting on April 19, 2012.

Not that HTC cares that much.

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