Booting Up: The Indian Blackout Edition

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Before bitching about anything tech-related today, please remember that 670 million people are currently without power in India. [Reuters]

The iPhone almost didn’t make it out of development hell, says Sir Jonathan Ive. [Telegraph]

Twitter has launched clickable stock tickers called Cashtags. The CEO of Stocktwits is not happy with this “hijacking” of his idea. [Howard Lindzon]

Facebook is reportedly introducing a “Save for Later” feature. All of a sudden it’s awful crowded on the bottom of your status update.  [The Verge]

Social media is the new focus group. [New York Times]

The Obama campaign now has an app. So far, it is only available for iPhone. Naturally. [All Things D]


DailyWorth, A DailyCandy For Money, Raises $2 M. From Joanne Wilson and Howard Lindzon

$$$ in you inbox

65 percent of women are the CFOs in their household, meaning they make the principal financial decisions. When serial entrpreneur Amanda Steinberg was looking to create an email business, she fixated on improving women’s financial smarts, something she had struggled with as a new mother buying a new home. And so DailyWorth, a sort of DailyCandy for money, was born.

The company has just raised $2 million from a group of angel investors led by Joanne Wilson and Stocktwits founder Howard Lindzon. Other investors include 500 Startups Dave McClure, TechStars Dave Cohen, networking artiste Peter Shankman and Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures. That brings its total funding to just over $3 million. “Amanda is an experienced entrepreneur and web developer. She’s got a great set of skills and is tapping into a big market,” said Ms. Wilson. Read More

Talent Crunch

Scopely Recruits Engineers Using the Same Advertising Strategy as DosXX and Old Spice


Stealth start-up Scopely, the Los Angeles-based brainchild of Eytan Elbaz, of Google AdSense fame, just scored an undisclosed round of funding–some of it from New Yorkers Lerer Ventures and TechStars’ David Tisch, as well as StockTwits’ Howard Lindzon and Greycroft Partners, so they’re staffing up.

The start-up already boasts 12 senior engineers. But to attract more, Scopely is taking an advertiser’s approach to recruiting, with slogans and images that  call to mind DosXX’s fawning “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign and the absurdity of Old Spice’s man-on-a-horse spiel. It’s no surprise, really, some of its existing staff hails from storied ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi and Hollywood via Warner Brothers. At the top of the page, the tag line changes from “Was your autobiography written in Node.Js… before it was invented?” to “Were you able to handle 100,000 requests/second at your high school prom?” Below that, people who refer new hires are promised prizes like beard grooming oil, sex partner panther [Ed note: we’d be into either] cologne, and $11k cash wrapped in bacon. Mmm.

Think of it as the employer equivalent of the best cover letter ever. Read More


StockTwits Wants to Make Money Without Advertising or Premium Memberships

StockTwits co-founder, Howard Lindzon

There comes a time in every start-up’s life when they have to move beyond, “If we build it, they will come,” and start focusing on guap. For StockTwits co-founder and investor Howard Lindzon, that time is nigh. But rather than the typical advertising or premium membership route, Lindzon’s New York- and San Diego-based Twitter-based financial network for traders and investors has opted to disrupt the staid field of corporate investor relations. Betabeat talked to StockTwits investor and executive editor Phil Pearlman today to find out why. Read More