The Real TechStars of New York, of TechStars Reality Show Fame, Launches Its Web Video Channel with Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Company uniform? (via the Twitter feed of Mr. Pacheco on the right)

You didn’t think the TechStars fun ended with last week’s after-party at Marquee, now did you?, the startup that entered New York’s inaugural class as Homefield (a web-based video platform for coaches to share game footage) before pivoting towards a larger market (a channel for web videos) is out of alpha and ready to show users what it can do.

Online and in its spankin’ new iPhone and iPad apps (no beta invite necessary), aggregates web videos from your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds into a single “instant on” channel, kinda like regular TV.

Fans of the TechStars show likely remember Shelby CEO and co-founder Reece Pacheco as the broad-shouldered, good-natured dude who’s “I’m an athlete” refrain was immortalized by the producers at Bloomberg.

Betabeat talked to Mr. Pacheco about why Shelby is a “crazy bitch,” jam sessions at its Union Square offices, how Shelby gets smarter the more you use it. Read More

The Real TechStars of New York

TechStars, Episode 2: ‘Hide Your Developers, Hide Your Designers’ OnSwipe’s Hiring Errrybody In Here


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Start-Up Fairy Tales

Co-Founder of Hot TechStars Start-Up Left the Company Just as It Scored $1.5 M.

joe yevoli

Around the time that on-fire TechStars start-up was closing its $1.5 million round, co-founder Joe Yevoli walked. It wasn’t that he didn’t have faith in the product; he didn’t have a falling out with the team. He just… wasn’t feeling it. “Truth be told, I don’t watch a lot of web video,” he wrote on his blog today. “But right now if I watch a web video it’s something specific. And, if I miss something, I’m fine with it.” And there was something else: HomeField, a web-based video platform for coaches to share game footage, the precursor to, was being neglected as co-founders Dan Spinosa and Reece Pacheco found their time sucked away by the social video site. Read More