Hoboken Tech Meetup Is Now New Jersey Tech Meetup, Boasts 1,500 Members

(Danny Chong)

The New Jersey Tech Meetup (formerly the Hoboken Tech Meetup) had been a sleeper success; a smaller venue where new startups could demo before their big Skirball debut at the much larger New York Tech Meetup. But the meetup, run by DFJ Gotham entrepreneur in residence Aaron Price, has been growing steadily and recently hit 1,500 members, adding about 100 members a month for the last six months. It’s now the largest tech organization in New Jersey, Mr. Price said. Read More

Silicon Alley Redux

Fever Pitch! New Yorkers Go Starry-Eyed for Start-Ups

nytm illo

“I can’t tell you the whole idea.” The Internet entrepreneur on the other end of the phone sounded panicky. “It’s going to sound ludicrous and ambitious, more ludicrous and ambitious than most.”

The voice belonged to a 27-year-old Stanford law student—“just about the oldest you can be where I cannot remember not having a computer”—who was in New York last week to talk to people about his new concept for a website.

He gave a few vague descriptors that could apply to half the start-ups in New York.

“I definitely don’t want it in the newspaper,” he said. “I’m worried that even little sign posts toward what I want to build are dangerous.” Read More

Purple Heart

My Greatest Failure: Delivery Start-Up Takes Off, Lands

Aaron Price

In the start-up community, failure is a badge of honor. The Purple Heart highlights glorious stories of failure, lessons learned, and redemption. Aaron Price is the organizer of the Hoboken Technology Meetup, one of the partners in the Hoboken coworking space MissionFifty, and currently looking for a tech lead for his own start-up, makeMania.com, a do-it-yourself community site where crafty people find inspiration and supplies.

“Probably my most interesting failure was my first start-up,” Aaron Price, the fastidious director of the Hoboken Tech Meetup, told Betabeat over the phone. We were expecting him to tell us the story of how he used to sell Harley Davidson motorcycle parts on eBay, relying on a warehouse of high school students who cataloged each overstock part–a tale he had partially related over Blue Moons after the Meetup Monday night. Read More